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The House of Faust is a noble house with a long and murky history. Controlling a small but quite defensible piece of land in The Grave bordered by mountains southward and swamps northward, House Faust has been able to develop and avoid stagnation or destruction at the hands of the Scourge. Their lands have rightly been dubbed The Vigil, for they hold a commanding defensive position looking towards the rest of the Grave. From here, Sir Manfred Faust, the current Baron and ruler of the Vigil, can bring peace and plenty in equal measure. Or war, if the Crown so calls.

Origins Edit

The House of Faust is often scoffed at as having been forged with a farmhand's blood, but at this Sir Faust is often quick to point out that many Nobles have found prestige in the death of smallfolk. Though many of the names of those long past are now lost to time, in manuscripts throughout the Vigil one Adalbert Faust is referred to with sheer reverence. A hero the sort bards sing of, Adalbert was a father and farmer who lived in the Grave. When war came between two local nobles, he and other men of his class and age were brought forth to make war, without a day of training or a hint of nobility about them. None the less, Adalbert was determined to do his duty whatever it may be, and when battle came he showed a ferocious spirit known only to one in ten thousand men.

Facing harsh odds and the possibility of annihilation, Adalbert went to great lengths of heroism in the now unknown battle, and though there is much exaggeration added to the details of his valor, what is known is that his life was lost in securing the victory. Astonished by the spirit and willingness to die displayed by a commoner expected to do no more than hold a line, the Lord who had called him to arms posthumously granted him the title of Baron, to be passed on to his children.

From that day the House of Faust was born, and generations of men would pass, each Baron trying to live up to the legendary repute of Adalbert Faust, each falling short of heroism in some measurable way. Some tried to reach too high for glory or to expand the holdings of the Vigil, and for it faced the bitter taste of wars with no clear winners, a fate far worse than defeat in the eyes of the Barons who aspired to achieve what only their founder could. Others tried to undertake revolutionary projects that would turn the small Barony into the heart of the Grave, but were rewarded with little but empty coffers and hungry smallfolk for their trouble. An unlucky(or perhaps blessed, depending on who you ask) few simply ruled marginally, not failing in any measurable way but never reaching greatness either.

So it has been that each Baron that rises to take the place of the last knows what his duty must be, to strive for greater glory.

Characteristics Edit

The members of the House of Faust are known for being hardy, rash, and exceptionally brave. Striving always to be valorous and brave in all things, they are the first to volunteer to lead a charge and the last to withdraw from battle. Members of House Faust are fierce warriors, for the rites of Adalkampf(literally "Noble Struggle") are considered sacred beyond measure. Single combat is always a viable option, from deciding wars to deciding dinners. Despite their somewhat rash nature, Fausts are fiercely loyal, believing that with loyal and valorous service salvation can be found.

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