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The House of Falomyr is a noble house within the Fallow March, known as "Falomyr" by most.  They are an off-shoot of the storied House of Doerr, once rivals to the expansive House of Grimm.  

Remembered for their ruthlessly aggressive lords and the cruelty they showed to those subjugated, the House of Falomyr was one of the most effective vanguards for the expanding kingdom of Lordaeron, though notably bereft honors for how quickly they achieved victory. 

Their words are "Vengeance is Mine."


The House of Falomyr began when the nephew of Friedlhe Doerr, Osterin, was granted his own cadet branches following the defeat of a Grimm war party outside of present day Dragon's Bight.   Osterin was a talented though cruel man, a characteristic his descendents followed.   Although the great house of Doerr was in decline around the inception of the House of Falomyr, the stewards of the Fallow Marches proved to be resilient to change and outlasted their progenitors. 

With the decline of the House of Doerr, the Falomyrs sought protection from a power capable of rivaling that of the House of Grimm.  This came in the form of Lordaeron, whose lords and king were well equipped and unified under a Stromic understanding of nobility.  Swearing themselves to them immediately, the House of Falomyr became guard dogs for Lordaeron’s ever expanding boundaries.  Osterin’s grandson, Vandar, was the first to be named the Trollflayer when he, using a weapon forged from dragon’s blood, slew the Amani leader Ada’jin and skinned him as warning for those that followed.

The Falomyr family’s position as a border household gained it enough prestige to see Margrave Auric Falomyr requested by Viscount Wilhelm Albrecht to assist in the quelling of the rebellion known as the Spring Campaign.  Auric, along with his veterans, carved through the Dread and reclaimed the territory for Wilhelm.  He was named a protector of the region and awarded the hand of Wilhelm’s sister, Agnes, for the effort in seeing his land restored.

Two wars resulted from the treatment of Agnes at the hands of Auric Falomyr, first Hadrian’s War and late the War on the Ebontide.  The former was a defeat for the House of Albrecht while the latter a victory.  Both wars though greatly weakened the hold of the House of Falomyr on its domain and with the defeat of Richard Falomyr and Auric’s later sickness, the lords of Falomyr rose against him in rebellion.

Through a lifetime of war, Prestor Falomyr has managed to retake much of the land that was lost to him. 

Noteworthy FalomyrsEdit

  • Lord {Osterin Falomyr}, progenitor of the House of Falomyr. An accomplished lord of Doerr blood.
  • Lord {Vandar Falomyr}, the Trollflayer. Defeated the troll Ada'jin.  Instrumental in the creation of the Fallow March as a domain. 
  • Margrave {Auric Falomyr}. A renowned commander that reintroduced regimented warfare into Falomyr.  Successfully defeated troll tribes on several occassions and invaded the Dread.
  • {Richard Falomyr}.  The commander of Falomyr forces during the War of the Ebontide. Killed by Marcus Lichter
  • Margrave {Alfred Falomyr}, the Abhorrent. A cruel man of little talent that lost Falomyr to the Bloodjoy Council.
  • King Prestor Falomyr, the consort to Madelynne I and acting Head of State in the queen's absence. 

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