The House of Duxon

Coat of Arms

Rampant bulls, one white one black, supporting ducal coronet below a crenelated chief.


Into the Shadows








Lord of Dukesgate


House of Harwyn

House Duxon was a noble house of the Kingdom of Stromgarde and the Arathi Empire before it who were closely tied to the extinct ducal House of Harwyn. The members were directly descended from one of Doukas Harwyn's famous twin legitimized bastards, the Black Bull, and loyally held the eastern pass to Trollgarde through Dukesgate for many centuries.

The lordship over Dukesgate ended with the war between Lady Charlotte Marlow and Lord Orazio Garibald, with Lord Iorbeth Duxon taking the side of the would-be countess. The fair baron had his head taken clean off by a cannon shot from the Queen's Men, ending the Duxon line and leaving behind one of many suddenly-empty estates throughout desnely populated Eastfold.

In the absence of loyal lords to keep the Eastfold hinterland in check, and needing someone of a martial mindset to run recruitment for the army, Orazio appointed Sir Khas Smythe in Lord Duxon's old home. Oddly enough it was there that the knight first encountered the enigmatic Sons of Harwyn.

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