The House of Clyff

Coat of Arms

Rampant bulls, one white one black, supporting ducal coronet over a crenelated base.


Run Them Down




Dillion Clyff




Lord of Firstpass


Formerly House of Harwyn
Currently House of Garibald

House Clyff is a noble house of Lordaeron, formerly Stromgarde and the Arathi Empire before them, who are closely tied with the old House Harwyn. They are directly descended from one of Lord Doukas Harwyn's two legitimized bastards, famously titled the White Bull, and have loyally held the ancient Arathi gate-fort of Firstpass since their installment in it.

With Lord Garibald's recent inheritance of Eastfold as a viscounty and the death of House Harwyn it seemed likely that Lord Dillion Clyff, honoring his Stromic blood, would resist the acquisition of his lands by Lordaeron. But while geography necessitated he stay neutral during the war between the two claimants he nonetheless resisted the encroachment of Syndicate influence brought with Lady Charlotte Marlow's Alteraci retainers.

Currently Lord Clyff and his only son, Sir Anwyl, serve House Garibald and their overlords of House Albrecht. The hold of Stromic culture still remains, however, and the two men are proud of their supposed Arathi blood.

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