The House of Albrecht

Coat of Arms

A crowned, crimson falcon beneath a cloth malting of ivory and crimson.


For Peace War.



Current Head

Madelynne Albrecht




Viscount of Blackmarsh


Albrechts of Blackmarsh


Helmuth Albrecht

The House of Albrecht (colloquially "House Albrecht") is an old and prestigious bloodline within the Kingdom of Lordaeron.  Though their traditional seat of power was known as the barony of Dawnhaven, with the elevation of Madelynne I to the position of Queen of Lordaeronn, the entirety of Blackmarsh has been elevated to the status of an arch duchy, with the Albrecht holding in the duchy of the Dawn now their center of power.  

Two separate branches have been formed from the House of Albrecht: Lichter and Thorne, which were created as a result of brothers seeking their own paths.  In the case of the former, the House of Lichter is renowned as being of the most pious households in the Dawn, while the House of Thorne one of the craftiest.  This close proximity to the royal line makes descendants of both people of great influence and power, though often overshadowed by their royal cousins. 

Traditionally, the sigil of the House of Albrecht has been that of a crimson falcon; however, it has since been changed to the falcon clenching the Crown of Albrecht.  Their motto since the inception of their household, "For Peace War," has remained unchanged since their annexation into Lordaeron.


Members of the House of Albrecht are known to be both charismatic and courageous.  Although there are naturally some of the family that hold neither attribute, when looked back upon it is not uncommon that a leader of the bloodline might hold both traits in high regard.   Though some would refer to them as possessing an "Albrechtian arrogance," there are few that do so to their faces for fear of what might result.

Pettiness and a vindictive nature are also fairly prevalent traits, with perceived slights at times leading the extinction of houses.  


Descendants of the House of Grimm, the origin of the House of Albrecht is most often attached to Magda of the Dawn, one of the most venerated of the Battlemaidens of Blackmarsh.  With the Dawn's fertile land and strong military tradition, as the control of the Grimmlords began to fade, the emergence of the Albrechts was foretold in their well fortified positions in the middle of Blackmarsh.  Known for their charisma and courage, their position became one of authority when they were able to unite additional households into a confederation against those foes that they could not themselves overwhelm.

Following the wars that saw the Grimmlords banished from Blackmarsh, the Albrecht position was strengthened with further acquisitions of land.  Soon, they were poised to be considered the strongest household in Blackmarsh though not without contenders from the Creeds, Pendletons, and Vines.  Rather than continue to fight for dominance with them, they instead turned their attention to the expansive arm of the House of Menethil, which sought to press into their territory and claim whatever they might in the wake of the House of Grimm.

The Wars of the Talons followed.

Though the House of Albrecht led its men well, it was not until the Battle of Bleeding Oak that the wars were brought to an end and Helmuth Albrecht was made to kneel to Lordaeronian might.  Given the defeated lord's prominent position among his peers, he was wed to one of the victorious king's many daughters and his household given the official title of Viscount of Blackmarsh.

Claim to Lordaeron

Since the marriage of Helmuth Albrecht to Morgana Menethil, there has always ostensibly been a claim to the throne of Lordaeron. However, with each generation that claim grew weaker while the claims of more lineal descendants grew all the more preferred. By the time of Madelynne Albrecht's coronation, she was far less a Menethil than any true claimant, but did hold enough blood in her to justify royal consideration.

Their claim to the throne is largely a matter of opportunity and avarice. With Prince Arthas and King Terenas dead and Calia Menethil missing, there are few if any contenders for the throne on the basis of blood. Madelynne, with an army already in Lordaeron, declared herself queen as a means of encouraging her men to fight more ardently as well as staking her claim.

Morgana Menethil
Helmuth Albrecht
Alaryana Bala'thustraes
Dedrick Albrecht
Claudia Buzan
Wilhelm Albrecht
Mathilda Trueflame
Hadrian Albrecht
Margaret Pendleton
Magnus Albrecht
Madelynne I
Prestor Falomyr

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