The House of Weimar is a long standing house whose holdings are traditionally in the Dawn.


The Weimar clan has a long and cherished history of prestige and loyalty. They own the very old and very well kept Barony of Brightholde. They have been historically content since the first Viscount of Blackmarsh, refusing to participate in any scheming or factionalism.

As a province it is essentially militarily vacuous. They send a knight to every tourney but it has almost never been a family member. The true strength of their military might is indeed only a matter of speculation, as the holding has had little trying in the way of invasion or banditry. This is perhaps owed to how intimidating the fortifications really are; an almost paranoid attention to detail paid to the intricacies of its fortification.

This has only encouraged people to flock to the province however, such that in the last few decades the Baron has turned away many people for fear of being unable to sustain them on the Barony’s holdings through the winter. Though taxes in the province are comparatively high, and the land itself only of modest quality in terms of yield, Brightholde offers something far more valuable to the itinerant families of Lordaeron; stability.

The family members are renowned for being crafty and resourceful stewards. Influential nobles might decide to send their sons or courtiers there to learn the ways of the coin. This has become a popular option, such that the House von Weimar has built a sort of academy within its castle, though it accepts only the most influential or wealthy of students.

The most recent patriarch  is much like his father his father before him, being a secluded and some would say eccentric sort of man that is unlikely to be found at a ball thrown by his Viscount, instead choosing to send a gift as a gesture of good faith. The amount of gold spent on avoiding social gatherings could probably have built another castle. On the rare occasion that he does appear, he typically avoids conversation, only speaking privately to his liege lord for a bit before ducking out of the party.

This introverted nature was only compounded when his rebellious son decided he wanted to seek his fortune and fame in the army of Madelynne Albrecht l. He came back some years later changed. His behaviour was erratic, even arbitrary. He rose late in the day, and gained a reputation for being slovenly and lazy. He would occasionally lash out at servants and dignitaries for no reason, even once having to be restrained and taken to his quarters. There he tied his bed sheets together and hung himself on the chandelier. The Baron was inconsolable and retreated farther inward. As a result, the province has not grown with Blackmarsh, and he was passed over as far less competent and loyal vassals were awarded higher and higher positions.

Still, the taxes they have paid are good, their holding remains a valuable position of defense, and their daughters coveted wives for their beauty and financial capability (though the lords of Blackmarsh would be loathe to admit that their financial craftiness is partially owed to their wives.) As well as the generous dowry. This means that most consider the von Weimar to be a great friend and ally, and also that they tend to look over the fact that the patriarch is almost never at any battle.

Recent YearsEdit

House Weimar continues to be reclusive, but an unusual anomaly in this modus operandi has arrived in the form of the currently itinerant priest Sister Ermentrud Weimar. She has been noted to be traveling about the lands of the Kingdom of Lordaeron restored proselytizing and performing acts of charity. She currently resides in Crownwood, awaiting appointment for higher office so that she may be endowed with the power to purify the province and strengthen it in the Light.

Her current standing with her own house is unknown.

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