Holden Reeve
Holden Reeve




House Pendleton, Umbrawatch, Lordaeron Restored








Sir, Umbrawatcher

Full Name:

Holden Vance Reeve

Holden is the head of the Knightly House of Reeve, named for Holden Pendleton and his actions during the Blackwood Uprising.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Holden Reeve is a deathly pale man, often seen with the same, general expression of vague discontent. His eyes are light enough to resemble dirty pieces of ice, put in contrast with his dark black hair - an oddity to the Reeve norm. Aged beyond his years, the stress of learning how to properly tend to Templar's Vigil's crypts and use a sword have made themselves clear on him. Barely thirty, he could easily pass for a man well into his late thirties or forties. His attitude could be summed up as cynical and somewhat melancholy, having little faith in anyone, especially those born outside of Blackwood

He adheres to a watered down code of Chivalry, entirely disregarding the social portions while placing a greater emphasis on treatment of the defeated.


Born on Templar's Vigil as the oldest son of Vance Reeve, Holden became learned in his future as a Knight from the early age of ten.  Five years later, he was made to begin studying the traditions involving the dead beneath the family seat, which would, at times, coincide with his training. This took another two and a half years, and secluded him from outside sources further which -- inadvertantly -- stocked an urge to leave the island for an extended amount of time. Being a Knightly house, he was allowed to leave for Eastern Hillsbrad around the age of seventeen, so long as it further fed his expertise.


After the Alliance of Lordaeron split, a handful of small-time Western Stromic and Eastern Lordaeronian mercenary groups merged with one another. The result was one of the more successful companies of sellswords, further made prominent by their name, the North Lordaeron dialect for "Land's Knight", and armor: Generally mismatched and often colorful, complete with feathered headware. Known for their skill in polearms and greatswords, these sell-swords were primarily used as buffer to the resident armies, mainly sent against gnolls, bandits, and Stromic mercenaries during border disputes with Arathor.

Holden took to this naturally, although it quickly eroded the 17-year-old Knight's morality. He was given the sole leadership position after their captain died in combat two years later, retaining the title until the Third War. His company was then employed during the Fall of Lordaeron to help push back the Scourge from Hillsbrad Foothills' borders, although the overwhelming odds quickly started to destroy morale and -- due to their fairly unique armoring -- purging their former allies only made it worse. 

Return to Templar's VigilEdit

Fortunately, he was able to abandon his now-halved mercenary company once news of his father's death reached him. Dissolving it and taking the majority of the profits gained with him, he returned to Blackmarsh via Southshore to lay his father in the crypts. He didn't seem to mourn, if only because he'd accepted death's (By and large) inevitability, but took it as a chance to fully act on the previous training that'd eaten most of his childhood. Once done, he was able to take on lead of the House without much hesitation, having experience in leading troups (Albeit less discilpined and more driven by greed) and no true need of political savvy.  

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