Hilda Ward (née Thorne) was the youngest of Wilhelm Albrecht's bastard children.


A heavyset young woman, as Hilda grew upward she was also said to grow outward. Quite healthy in appearance, she had bright red hair and sparkling blue eyes. When she laughed, her nose was known to wrinkle and there was a liveliness to her that existed even in her rest.


Hilda, as Wilhelm's youngest daughter, received little attention from her father. Despite this, Burkhard often reminded her of how special she was and so a princess mentality was gained by the husky young woman.

She was wed to Sir Harold Ward, who was quite a bit taller than her, in what many saw to be a marriage purely of convenience. It was said that for every inch to Harold's height was an inch to his wife's waist. However, the two produced two strong sons and a daughter,

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