Henry Chesterfield


Brother of the Church of Lordaeron




Darren Chesterfield (father), Sarah Chesterfield (mother), Ronald Chesterfield (brother), Rebecca Chesterfield (sister)



Henry Chesterfield is a devout practitioner of the Light, believing to serve in the name of the Church of Lordaeron. Despite his relative inexperience and general meek demeanor, his faith shows when it is needed.

Appearance Edit

A small figure, he carries a spindly and feminine form that allows him not to operate under the pretense of being manful.

His face boasts a youthfulness that grants him a smooth complexion coupled with soft features to present a comely visage. To further cement his androgyny, deep red hair runs down long and frames his face.

Personality Edit

Henry carries himself with a cautious warmth and bears a spine that wants to stand a few inches taller than it does. He is as easy to smile as he is easy to scare, and relies upon his faith in the Light to see him through conflicts that loom over him.

Henry has shown that he is not necessarily intuitive, and often speaks and acts only to blunder when the situation calls for a perceptive eye or a sharp wit. However, he boasts a fervor that grants him the strength to perform great feats with the Light. However, such a fervor has ill served him in dealing with matters that lied outside the scope of his ideals, and has caused him to act rashly at the great irritation of some.

Early Life Edit

Raised in Dawnhaven by Darren and Sarah Chesterfield, Henry was pushed to his very short limits when it came to orating and acting with a stiff upper lip. It was often he was thrown into the fire for the sake of a trial, blundering endlessly as his attempts at preaching fell flat under a stuttering tongue. As a result, he often saw browbeating and other sorts of punishment for not meeting their standards. It helped him none that his two older siblings held no such troubles, and he found no solidarity within them.

Despite what sorts of downhill spirals Henry was prone to in his mind, he found the resolve to join the Royal Army rather than attempt to bear the family's expectations.

Debut in The Kingdom of Lordaeron Restored Edit

Before truly he could step onto a battlefield, he had met with Mother Ermentrud to speak about acting for the Church. She named him a Brother, and told him to act so that the Church remains visible. Henry made it in his mind then to go where the battle clamors on and mend bodies and spirits so that no one would forget that the Clergy watches over Lordaeron.

Henry found himself among the soldiers of Lordaeron in a series of small battles, fragmentary events that showed Henry firsthand what life helping others fight in the Light's name would take.

His first steps were assisting the Royal Army in taking Longcastle and stabilizing Ravenwood.

The battle for Longcastle itself was rife with butting heads over issues that which shaped how Henry would muster his resolve. More than one army soldier had taken steps to put innocents in the way of harm, and so Henry found it in him to lambaste and threaten those that would do harm to civilians. When the battle came to an end, he mustered his passion and faith in the Light to call forth three men who had been stricken down mercilessly by his own allies and made sure they would live again.

The campaign in Ravenwood saw that he would meet Aldwin Sparrow, a fellow soldier and inhabitant of the land who he would eventually become close to. As Henry made his stay in Blackvale, he often assisted the soldier in matters of the town. As the campaign drew closer to an end, Henry and Aldwin committed themselves to a romantic relationship born of youthful, rash passions.

Into Darkness Pt. I Edit

Henry was among the first who chose to cross the Dark Portal into the alternate Draenor Timeline, resolved to bolster the Royal Army and keep their faith strong.

It was when the battles seemed dire that Henry was rife was indecision. More than once did he favor retreat, but only when Aldwin was able to follow, though he did not make it easy as Aldwin's altruism saw that he would rather die before he would pass by someone who needed help escaping. Regardless, it was at the Battle of Bleeding Valley that would test his resolve the most. It was when he saw Aldwin crushed under Sablewing's assault as collateral damage that would see him disabled enough for Henry to act alone for most of the remainder of the time he spent there.

At the diplomatic meeting with the Saberclaw, Henry answered Tsavo the Quick's first riddle when others could not. Though, the fumbled with the second riddle, and gave a bloated response that proved to ultimately pale to the concise answer that would have served as the answer.

It was after the Battle of Bleeding Valley that Henry departed from Draenor. Aldwin traveled with him until it was time to go back to Blackvale. Where Aldwin stayed in his homeland, Henry elected to keep assisting the Crown's Champion's, regardless of where they went.

The Battle of Silverlight Edit

Henry came at the call for the Queen's Champions to come serve at her side and protect her from the vengeful Argent spirits that would see others to their fate. Though the dark was near impenetrable, he stood tall for the sake of the Queen and spend the majority of the battle bolstering her power with prayers to keep her blessings strong.

It was when Madelynne dashed off to display her incredible power and bring to a halt Braxton's spirits that Henry found himself at a loss for options. The sovereign he served was vulnerable and he was ill-equipped to shoulder the burdens she would bear were it not for the other champions that served beside her. Regardless, he caught her when she fell from exhaustion and left the battle that night resolved to be the hand to keep spines straight.

The physical and emotional burdens of others needed tending to, and so he found himself walking the path of the confessor.

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