The Castle of Heim (by Kelzack)


House of Caerdoch


Arathi Highlands



The castle town of Heim sit upon the farthest reaches of the Arathi Highlands. High in elevation and tucked away from the rest of the world, it is far more simple place compared to the once flourishing city of Stromgarde. Built by the first kings of Arathor, the castle is now mostly in the ruins of its former glory. Its mighty stone walls have been rebuilt time and time again. The city supports a small town of simple timber homes and trodden dirt roads. Perhaps one of the only strengths the city can boast would be wealthy and abundant mines of iron that spiral under the city.

The castle Heim itself is a formidable fortress, but it pales in comparison to Stromgarde itself or any citadel found within the Dawn. The city is almost entirely populated by Stromic Highlanders found high within the hills. The city’s population fluctuates through the winter. The bitter colds of the Highlands will often draw its people to the shelter Heim provides where they pay their Stromic lords a tax of goods or military service.

Recent EventsEdit

Heim has been ruled by House Caerdoch for almost a millennium but the ill fated line recently has come to an end. During the most previous assault upon the castle, the Forsaken stole into the keep where they slew the last of the Caerdoch line. Since then, Heim has remained lordless and relied heavily upon the guidance of elder citizens of the city.

Heim is one of the few places wealthy enough to equip and train knights and is the only place that keeps an active guard. Recently however, Heim was assaulted by the forsaken which burned much of the town. Its people have been resilient in its repair but there is a great uncertainty in the air.

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