The port of Hasic lies on the easternmost end of the Eastfold. Nestled in the mouth of the Eastrun River, Hasic provides natural shelter for any ships making the run from Menethil to Stratholme, or even ships that require a larger, better-managed port than the city of Stromgarde itself. Though wooded and foggy, Hasic provides guidance to any and all ships through its ancient Arathi lighthouse, which can penetrate the mists at most times. This natural port naturally brings in unchallenged profit to the region of Eastrun, and untold trouble to the Arathi aristocracy who want to manage the region's affairs.

The city is split in two by the Eastrun River. On the north side, businesses, cathedrals, and private homes sprawl out in constant activity. Streets both seedy and affluent intersect and turn at sharp, odd angles. That Hasic was an unplanned city is obvious, as even life-long residents can find themselves lost in the streets. Secular towers rise to match the Light-blessed steeples that dot the northern city. Under their crenellations, the lords of Hasic once lived in constant competition with their neighbors. Now, however, many of these small palaces have been converted into headquarters and administration buildings for the powerful guilds that run Hasic's industry. The Free League itself meets in a former Count's residence, which had loosely controlled all of Hasic before the River Campaign. Plazas also open up near the center of the city, under each of the gates, and by the docks that line the river. In the open air of these piazzas, men and women of all ranks gather to cut deals and negotiate prices.

The southern side of Hasic is more open, more a series of connected hamlets than a true city. The hills that rise over the south bank of Eastrun house numerous holdfasts and small castles, each sporting farmland, vineyards, or small docks along the river or coast--for overflow if the docks of Hasic should fill up. The House of Garibald, for example, keeps a fortified country estate in the crevasse between two low hills called "The Wash". Though once a branch of the Eastrun River, the Wash eventually broke off and formed a small lake in the valley. A busy road passes along its banks, and the slopes on either side have provided the perfect grounds for fine vineyards.

But while Hasic is prosperous, it is also dangerous. The Free League is in nominal control of the city, but the reality is that Hasic exists in near anarchy. The few noble families who still exert influence in Hasic vie with the guilds for greater economic privileges, and the guilds themselves hire disreputable bravi? to guard their interests. As a result, small skirmishes are as common as new shipping in the crowded streets. Innocents learn from a young age to quickly clear the scene of any proxy dispute between two lords or guilds. Though the town sees more wealth pass through its streets than most other Lordaeronian cities before the Third War, most men and women of the city hardly taste it. They work unskilled, unguilded jobs in the lowest rungs of the factory hierarchy, or beg in the streets for dirty coin, or perform jobs no highborn knight or guilded bravo would dare consider for the favor of a master. For all its light and bauty, corruption runs rampant through the streets of Hasic.

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