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Harriet Tirion Clayton (also "Harriet Clayton," "Harriet T. Clayton," or "HT Clayton") was one of the primary antagonists in the War of the Light and remains an active enemy of Lordaeron.  The leader of the mysterious Silver Fist, she is a woman dedicated to the elevation of the people and the destruction of the landlords and nobles that hold them captive.

Known for her gregacious personality and kindly manner, she shares her visions with conviction and compassion. 


In the estimation of Garston Susan, Harriet was considered a woman not of "extraordinary beauty,"  but a decidedly common and becoming appearance.  Her hair is a healthy chestnut in complexion and her skin, far from pale and quite healthy in appearance.  Her eyes are dark green, often brimming with confidence and ideas.  She is known to dress in a plain manner, often favoring a workman's clothing if not a skirt and coat.  At almost all times she is either smiling or presenting a benevolent appearance.


Born within Hearthglen to a carpenter and his schoolteacher of a wife, Harriet's middle name is come of her father's admiration for Tirion Fordring and all that he did within the Second War.  She was raised to appreciate education and erudition, and saw first and foremost to ensuring that her mind was always clear and open to ideas.  Although not magically gifted she was allowed to visit Dalaran once and became enamored by the meritocracy that ran the city: the council was composed not merely of the best blooded, but the best and most capable mages.  This vision of a world in which a person was valued based on their abilities over their birthrights quickly took shape in her.

When Lordaeron fell, Harriet and her family fled to the south.  It was in  the south that she met Jackson Benedictus, a promising young officer that though not well versed in words, had a good and open heart.  Though they never became particularly close, their relationship would lead him to offering her a position on his staff.   She, Alexandra Hamm, Erin Burton, and Brooke Presley formed a tight cohort.  Though they did not all see eye-to-eye on matters, they seemed to have a finenotion of fairness and balance in politics.  The sad state of Stormwind's affairs in the wake of King Varian's absence left the women greatly interested in the plight of the common man, and after riots and famine had already seen so much death and destruction they began to formulate the ideology that would one day become the cornerstone of the Silver Fist's mantra: when man rose, tyrants would have to fall.

But unlike Brooke, who was a firebrand known to exhaust herself in her diatribes and tirades, Harriet was calm and patient with those she spoke with.  In the Argent Crusade the two made a dynamic pairing, but their allies rarely considered their topics beyond idle chatter.  It was not until the War of the Light that many began to see the callous nature of the nobility and Harriet's words found place within the minds of knights and commoners alike.  One such commoner, Garston Susan, became quite enamored with her brilliant visions and perfected voice. He swore to protect her and see her message to as many as he might.

Harriet's charisma became her strongest weapon during the war, where she convinced a great many to avoid dying for the sake of a crown or a sword that was far absent their lives.  She briefly spoke with Sharlotte Rutland and attempted to convince her to defect, but the young woman was not yet ready to make the decision and Harriet did not press her further.  Instead, she focused on disarming as many as possible and continuing to spread the good word.  Among those she personally recruited was Guntrem Crowlee, a brute of a man but one that came to appreciate the goodness of her word.

When Calder Rothary betrayed the Crusade and killed Brooke, Harriet was greatly shaken but found the strength to offer Garston support and guidance.  Finally convinced of the evils abounding, Garston said that when the time came he would do all he must to see her to safety.  Harriet sued for peace at the end of the war and with her followers, dispersed.  She did not, however, go very far.  

Harriet did not seek to convince the rich to abandon their wealth, but instead moved to the most desperate of places: the Dregs.  Within  The Clutch the impoverished and the malnourished were treated as though diseased.  Harriet was forced to keep a low profile, but worked her best to create a network of aid for those that attended her meetings.  Along with Garston Susan she battled crime and turned those believed lost to the system into allies.  From that base of operation, in a lawless land, did she begin a new kind of war: a class war, against the system that had claimed so many lives.

As the Silver Fist prepares for its next great action, Harriet remains at large.  Whatever is to come of her plans, it as always has the minds of the people at heart. 

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