Seated within the forest of Mistvale in the North West Grave, Grimshire is an exceedingly old town that dates back to the times when Blackmarsh was ruled by the House of Grimm. Its lands are traditionally those of House Rott, a knightly house sworn to House Graves, who manage the town from a minor keep at its center named Decay's End. Formerly only landed knights, Sir Durgen Rott was elevated to the title of Baron by Queen Madelynne I and his lands made a Barony.

History Edit

The founding of Grimshire is lost in the annals of time, having been ruled by the Rotts -- their own origins largely unknown -- since early in the House of Grimm's rule of Blackmarsh. The peasantry suffered greatly under the rule of the Grimms, the Rotts their instruments in delivering harsh, oppressive authority. When the borders of the Grim were pushed back to what is now the Grave, Grimshire served as a staging point for House Grimm forces in conflict with Blackwood, and proved important in holding the Pendletons at bay.

When the Menethils entered the war against the House of Grimm, the Rotts and thus Grimshire under them had a change of heart -- swearing themselves to the superior Lordaeron forces in a betrayal that would eventually culminate in the utter elimination of House Grimm. Since then, Houst Rott have been vassals to House Graves, who were elevated by the Menethils and later made vassals to the House of Albrecht following Helmuth Albrecht's surrender at the Battle of Bleeding Oak.

Under Lordaeronian rule, the leaders of the House of Rott have been harsh and unforgiving, but not cruel or ruthless as they were as Grimm bannermen. They are typically capable and just lieges, though not overly honourable and generally lacking in the favour of their peers.

The Town Edit

Bound by the mountains to the northeast and the coast to the west, Grimshire both benefits and suffers from its seclusion from the rest of Blackmarsh. The forest of Mistvale serves as natural cover for the city, the large trees allowing little light through and the misty air making visibility low throughout the northern region. A single road leads from Grimshire to Umbra’s Crossing allowing for travel and trade, travelers are encouraged to exercise caution as bandits still roam parts of the Grave and are easily sheltered by the thick trees. The nearest neighbouring town, the barony of Mistvale, has fallen to hard times following the disastrous administration of its last lady, and thus sees little trade or interaction with Grimshire, though recently some smallfolk have taken to migrating into Grimshire from Mistvale.

The townsfolk of Grimshire are a quiet, seclusionary sort, preferring to keep to themselves. This causes the town to be fairly spread out, with space separating the majority of its buildings, which are simple and functional. Though the outer reaches of the town are not walled off, the keep Decay's End is ringed by a sturdy stone wall, giving the peasantry a safe shelter during danger. Guardsman watch the road and patrol the woods around Grimshire's outskirts to keep away bandits and other things within the Miasma.

Decay's End Edit


The keep itself appears as a large hunting lodge, the outside built sturdy with stone, though the inside is host to large beams of lumber accentuated with the family’s various aged hunting trophies, a testament to the bountiful forest that surrounds the town. It is fairly simple in construction, though it is strong and spacious enough. Guards and torches constantly man the stone walls that surround the keep, and the gates are made of thick, sturdy wood. The interior is well lit, and decorated with well crafted wooden furniture, as well as a multitide of fine furs and pelts from the surrounding forest.

Economy Edit

Though not particularly affluent, neither is Grimshire impoverished -- priding itself on being the Grave’s only real exporter of raw, natural goods, boasting a lucrative trade of furs and meats as well as a burgeoning one of lumber, despite the lesser quality of the wood from the region. The majority of its smallfolk are hunters, trappers, woodsmen or lumberjacks by trade, and the skills are typically passed down from father to son. Grimshire also boasts a small population of slightly more affluent merchants, well off families who make their living trading Grimshire's goods with the rest of Blackmarsh. 

The mountains that border the town to the northeast are largely unexplored due to the Miasma's dangers, though recently Durgen Rott has sent expeditions to assess the potential of opening a mine in hopes of broadening Grimshires supply of natural resources and wealth.

Despite the nearness of the coast, Grimshire lacks a major port that can sustain large trade ships or sea faring vessels. Its only port is small and docks only a minor population of fishing ships. Some requests have been made of Duke Graves to begin construction of a larger port that might support a greater amount of trade, but so far no funds have been made available for such a venture.