Gravestone is the capital of The Grave, a duchy within Blacmarsh. It is surrounded by farmland, where peasants toil to grow crops in the unforgiving climate. One of the first holdings to fall to the Scourge in Blackmarsh, both the city and keep were entirely ransacked. Since its reclamation it has undergone a great deal of repair -- the curtain wall, gates, barracks and inner city have all been fully restored.

The city's curtain wall makes for a sharp contrast between the old and the new. Weathered, blackened stones mark the places where its walls held against the undead, while freshly quarried and erected fortifications mark where they were breached. In many ways it is a symbol of the kingdom of Lordaeron Restored -- strong walls built upon the ruins of those that came before.

The streets are still fairly intact. Though the stones are permanently blackened by fire and blood, they are well built and in good condition. The city's center, for several streets around the ring wall of Gravestone Keep, shows no signs of the carnage wrought upon it. The houses and markets are restored, and the bustle of activity is enough to rival that of any other great city. The further from the keep however, the more the city's condition deteriorates, until at the very outer edges it is little more than a ruinous slums. The streets along the inside of the outer curtain wall are the worst, the buildings there little more than blackened, deserted husks. Labourers toil there at all hours, striving to repair them in time to hold new arrivals as the rest of the city fills.

Gravestone KeepEdit

The seat of House Graves , the castle itself was torn almost entirely to the ground by the undead that sacked it, and as a consequence it is practically a new structure completely. The ring wall is strong and tall, guarding a fairly modest courtyard. Though the grounds are well cared for, it still tends towards the, dull, tough vegetation of a land that sees little sunlight. 

The keep is extensive, and no expense has been spared in its restoration. It is built for purpose, with little decoration but thick walls and formidable fortifications. The gates are of tough wood, with an additional layer of iron bars to add to their strength. The castle holds two adjoining barracks and armories; one, built upon the foundations of the last, is used by the House's men-at-arms and levies. The other, newly erected, is reserved for the Falconguard and currently hosts a small detachment.

The keep's interior makes for a sharp contrast to its pragmatic outer walls. It is lavishly decorated, with extensive fineries and rich furniture. Though there is currently only one permanent resident, the castle hosts a full staff of cooks, servants, and guards.

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