Sir Geralt of Lordaeron

Date of Birth

01 B.P.

Current Affiliations

Kingdom of Lordaeron Restored Royal Guard of Madelynne I (???) Royal Army

Former Affiliations

Knight of Skovflod, Silver Hand, Argent Crusade, Headhunters,







Geralt stands six feet and one inch off of the ground, weighing in at around two hundred and fifteen pounds. His body is primarily covered with thick and defined muscles. He has broad shoulders, a wide chest, large arms, a muscular back, and has sturdy legs. 

Many would say that Geralt took most of his features from his father's side. He has a squared face with a strong jaw, covered by his long and thick beard. Above that he has somewhat of a large nose, and above that he has two green eyes with bushy eyebrows. The only visible thing Geralt takes from his his mother's side is his black hair. Lastly, his skin tone could be described as fair. 

Sometime in the past he was injured on the battlefield, the result being the top of his left ear missing, and a large scar running down from his cheekbone to his chin.

Early life Edit

Geralt was born a year prior to the First War, at Castle Skovflod in Hillsbrad, Lordaeron. His father, Sir Henry Gebrain, was a Landed Knight. His mother, Clara Gebrain, was a lowborn Gilnean. 

He grew up in the castle that he was born in, Skovflod. It was located near the Throndroril River, and the border of Alterac. It guarded some mines, and a mountain pass that now leads into the Western Plaguelands. 

Geralt grew up like most nobility. He was well fed, played often, had an education, and was generally happy. 

During the Second War Skovflod was razed by the Horde. Following the Horde's defeat, Skovflod was completely rebuilt.

Geralt began his path to Knighthood soon after the end of the Second War. He served as a page for a local Lord, and then served as Squire for one of his father's friends. Geralt was finally Knighted at the age of twenty. 

The Fall of Lordaeron and the Argent CrusadeEdit

Geralt's mettle was first tested with the fall of Lordaeron. He had only been Knighted for a single year as the Kingdom began to fall apart around him. Geralt refused to abandon his Kingdom, deciding to stay behind with several Knight's of the Silver Hand. During this time Geralt learned how to wield the Light, and soon became a Knight of the Silver Hand himself. He eventually joined the Argent Crusade after the Battle of Light's Hope Chapel. 

With his fellow Knights, Geralt embarked on a voyage to Northrend. During his time there Geralt made a name for himself. He was known to be fearless, heroic, and most of all relentless. He served with the Argent Vanguard within Icecrown Citadel, eventually earning the title of "Hero of the Valley of Echos" after defending an encampment from a Scourge counterattack. 

Geralt returned to Lordaeron with the fall of the Lich King, where he learned that his father swore fealty to the Highlord.  He continued to serve with the Argent Crusade throughout the Cataclysm. He became very disgruntled with the organization due to it's passive nature towards the Forsaken, and it's violent nature towards the Scarlets. 

Geralt was very intrigued when he heard of the Red Queen of Blackmarsh. Despite rumours and propaganda, he saw her fight as good and honorable. 

Lordaeron RestoredEdit

Geralt finally had enough of the Crusade when he was given a quest to hunt down a small group of Scarlets that were harrassing the Forsaken. Having heard of the Queen Madelynne I, the Paladin made his way north to Blackmarsh. Once there he swore an oath of fealty to the Crown, which caused his father to disinherit him. After serving in only two battles, Geralt was given the honor to serve the Queen as one of her Royal Guards. 

His time in the Kingdom of Lordaeron Restored was horrible at best. Geralt found himself dealing with more stress, doubt, and depression than ever before. This was all likely brought on by the amount of living rebels that he had to kill, the amount of innocent people he saw murdered, and the fact the he could do nothing about it. After witnessing Edevyn Bayne kill a young rebel that surrendered, Geralt lost it. He attempted to murder Edevyn Bayne, but could not contend with the Marshmancer's magic. 

After attacking Edevyn Bayne, Geralt stood trial for his crimes. Alongside him stood his accomplices, Velenor Lightmane and Holland Galanere. Geralt was found guilty of three out of four charges, narrowly avoiding being declared guilty of treason. Geralt's sentence was to serve Edevyn Bayne for one year. This punishment was undoable due to Geralt being a Royal Guard. The Queen altered the penalty, forcing Geralt to choose a family member to serve out his sentence. He chose his nephew, who was also his squire, to serve in the Brotherhood of the Penitent. Geralt's brother, Aedan, stepped in to take his son's punishment instead. Geralt continued to serve the Queen despite the doubt that had developed within him. It wasn't until after a campaign to retake the province of Myrwood that he finally snapped. 

A new King had been named: Prestor Falomyr. Geralt believed that the man was arrogant, ambitious, and tyrannical. During one of the first King's court, Viktor Romel spoke against the King. When Prestor ordered for the Gilnean's arrest, Geralt refused to comply. Instead he drew his sword, called the King a tyrant, and eventually was apprehended. This all led to Geralt's exile, and also to the King framing him for murder. Geralt now had a bounty on his head, and he was wanted dead rather than alive. 


Geralt began his exile by joining the Order of the Golden Hawk. He was considered an honorary member, and therefore the Order accepted him with open arms. He was forced to wear a helmet at all times, and was not to speak under any circumstances. After defending Ravenwood from Forsaken attacks, Geralt decided that the order was not for him. He resigned and left for the Argent Crusade. 

The Crusade also accepted Geralt with open arms. Geralt was eventually assigned to serve in an order known as the Headhunters. During his service Geralt saw horrific crimes committed by his fellow Headhunters, which drove the Paladin away from the Crusade yet again. He finally realized the mistake he made when he betrayed his oath as a Royal Guard. The Paladin began to look for a way to rejoin the Kingdom and it's Queen. 


Geralt was stationed on the Western Front during the war between Lordaeron and the Crusade. Specifically he was trusted with the duty of protecting the fortress of Oaksfall. This duty did not last much longer than other duties the Paladin was entrusted with. 

Initially Geralt fought loyally on the side of the Argent Crusade. He helped lead the defense of Oaksfall, which led to the capture of Edevyn Bayne and a few other champions. After that he was given full command over the defense of the Fortress. During this time Geralt was able to have a discussion with Edevyn Bayne. All that is known is that it lead to him defecting back to the Kingdom of Lordaeron Restored, and readily surrendering Oaksfall to the Royal Army. Since then Geralt has been promised pardon for his previous treasons. 

It is also rumoured that Geralt was a part of a prison escape that led to the defeat of Jonas Mitchell. If the rumours are true, Geralt doned a suit of black armor, freed some champions from a curse, and took part in a battle against Jonas Mitchell. 


  • Second Grand Crusade (AP)
  • Dread Rebellion (CP)
  • Dove Uprising (CP)
  • River's Eye Campaign (CP)
  • Schatten's Freundinnen (CP)
  • Scourge Invasion of Myrwood (CP)
  • Containment of the Forsaken (AP)
  • Containment of the Forsaken [Diregate] (AP)
  • War of Argent Aggression

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