Galorlon is a wealthy noble from Lordaeron. A talented and cunning fighter who relies on stealth over brute force, Galorlon made a name for himself after Lordaeron fell by hunting and killing rogue wizards and warlocks. Known well for his dalliances with both men and women as well as his other vices, Galorlon is still well respected for his charitable nature.

Galorlon Cerunnin



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Galorlon is the fourth child and third son of the Cerunnin family line. His parents were both from wealthy families, his father, the firstborn son of Reglan Cerunnin, helped forge his father’s merchant business into a far reaching network, with caravans reaching from Lordaeron to Stormwind. For many ages the Cerunnin line was known for their prowess as hunters. Though they had moved over the centuries to a focus on business, they remained hunters at heart, keeping the white stag on a green field as their emblem.

His mother, Carissa Lensworth, was the daughter of a smaller noble family. The pair met during a fall tournament. While many women longed for Reglan’s love, it was Carissa who won it when she challenged the young lord to a hunting contest. The two trekked through the woods and hunted late into the evening. Carissa emerged the victor, and the pair were betrothed shortly after.


Galorlon was born just shortly after the start of the First War. A healthy and strong young boy, he was raised like his older brothers in all the arts of being a noble lord. As a child, Galorlon saw little chance of ever being the head of the Cerunnin house and instead would often neglect his lessons in favor of exploring the forest around his family’s estate. This caused great trouble and stress on his tutors who feared for the boy’s safety.

From a young age Galorlon admired his older brother, Herad. Herad was a powerful young man when Galorlon was born, being trained in the art of war. Galrolon admired his older brother’s skill and dedication. When he wasn’t going on adventures through the woods, he would often sneak out to watch his brother train with a sword in the courtyard.

Galorlon’s adventures were ended, temporarily at least, on one fateful day at the age of ten. While exploring the deeper parts of the forest, Galorlon came upon a massive white stag, a larger beast than any the young lord had seen before with an impressive crown of horns. The stag was in rut, and the young lord arriving in its clearing enraged the beast. It charged Galorlon and wounded the boy before the child was able to flee.

While Galorlon was able to escape without a mortal wound, he was maimed by the encounter. His right eye was ruined beyond the skills of the healers in his father’s employ to repair. The injury drew mockery from his siblings, the twins Pavis and Anabeth calling him “Staglord”. His younger brother, Nielan called him “Cyclops Buck”. To Galorlon’s dismay, even Herad joined the torment, using both the names given to him by his siblings.

Galorlon withdrew after the injury and became a more brooding child. He no longer saw Herad in such a heroic light, and stopped slipping away from his lessons to watch him train.

Two years after being wounded, Galorlon was taken with his father on a hunting trip. Rumors were still whispered about the great white stag that had injured the word. Some said it was a bad omen. Others told tales of still seeing the buck with the remains of the destroyed eye on it’s antler. Reglan had decided to put an end to the tales. He took Galorlon with him to track the beast down. The two found the stag finally, and Galorlon slew the beast.

Reglan had a cloak made for Galorlon from the stag’s skin and had the antler’s replaced with wooden replicas so that a sword and dagger could be made, using the bases of the beast’s horns as hilts. After that, the names and mockery stopped, though he retained the title “Staglord” as a symbol of pride. That night there was a great feast. The head of the stag was mounted above the main hall of the estate, and Galorlon was given the seat at the head of the table.

Galorlon’s mood changed after that, and he became prouder and braver again. He made more journey’s into the forest, and went on more adventures, now confident in being a master over the woods.

Meanwhile, his brothers were going on their own journeys. Herad had joined the newly formed Silver Hand. Pavis was training to be a mage at Dalaran and Anabeth had joined the Lordaeron military. At home, Galorlon was the eldest child, a fact he used to his advantage with his younger siblings, often commanding them to obey his lie for him about his whereabouts or even join him on adventures.

At the age of 16, Galorlon would once again gain fame for himself. While riding through the forest, the young lord encountered a stray troll that had wandered down from the north. He had not been seen, and so the young lord took it upon himself to slay the vile monster. Slipping through the shadows, Galorlon crept toward the troll, which was hunched over a boar, feasting. Before he could get close enough to slay the beast, however, he stepped on a dry branch, announcing his presence.

After a short chase, Galorlon finally gained advantage by climbing a tree to hide and drop down on his opponent. He sunk his sword deep into the troll’s body through the shoulder. Knowing trolls were dangerously resilient, Galorlon hacked the monster’s head from it’s shoulders and dragged the corpse back to the estate to be burned. He was hailed as a hero when news spread of his victory. A great festival was held in his honor, and there were many who came to honor the young lord’s feat.

Galorlon’s happy life was soon changed forever, though, when the Plague came.

Though the Cerunnin household was largely unaffected by the disease, it struck the family at the heart when it claimed Carissa Cerunnin. Stricken with grief, Reglan locked her away in the cellar of the estate, keeping her chained to the wall and hidden from all. Herad fell in battle, slain by the revolting orcs. Then the Scourge came to Lordaeron in true force. Reglan took his remaining family and fled south with their household guard. Along the way Reglan was slain in battle with the Scourge, leaving the task of guiding his younger siblings to safety in the hands of Galorlon.

Though they reached safety without further losses, Galorlon was traumatized by the events of the escape. Having been trapped for a night in a small closet at an inn while the undead hordes tried to reach him, and seeing his father slain and raised as a ghoul had wounded the young man deeper than any physical injury. He tried to move past it, taking up residence at his father’s Stormwind estate, giving work to refugees fleeing the destruction of Lordaeron, but it still haunted him.

He turned to drink and opiates to try and slay the inner demons, escaping in a haze of physical pleasure from drugs and flesh. Pavis, who had survived the destruction of Dalaran, tried to give his brother purpose, putting him in command of their father’s business. The responsibility gave him some small amount of escape from his anguish that vices didn’t bring, and kept him sober partially, though he still spent many nights in a drunken haze.

His state was worsened when word of Anabeth’s death reached him The young woman had joined the Scarlet Crusade after the fall of Lordaeron, but had been slain by the Forsaken some time after. Galorlon was furious at the loss, and dealt with it the only way he knew, more drinking.

Eventually he found other work that would sate his anger, putting his skills at killing to use as an assassin for hire, killing rogue sorcerers and wizards near Stormwind. But it wasn’t truly fulfilling for the lord. He wanted more. Seeing his brother more focused on his work as an archmage angered the boy, who wanted to see the family estate restored to power and felt that such a powerful wizard could achieve a task easily. Accusing his brother of neglecting his duty as heir to the Cerunnin line, he began to demand being given the title of lord of the house. Pavis refused.

Galorlon soon found what he felt would be a solution and a cause worth fighting for. Moving to Blackmarsh to join the effort to reclaim Lordaeron, the young lord swore his talents in the service of Queen Madelynne. Now he makes his plans, seeking a way to win fame and recognition, waiting for his chance to claim what he believes is his right, Lordship of the Cerunnin lands and house.

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