Galen Pendleton was a commander during the Blackwood Uprising. He along with two of his brothers were killed at the Battle of Shadowvale.


Galen was a young man with a lanky build. His ears were large and he was most noted for the pronounced nature of his left incisor. In battle he favored a broadsword and shield, though he died with a lance in hand.


Assigned to hold Mortimer Pendleton's left flank, Galen allowed his forces to splinter off slightly in Shadowvale when scouts brought word of Sir Ulric's approach. Expecting the knight to be exhausted from his long march, he abandoned the fortifications prepared and met Ulric in the field. In single combat he intended for his name to be elevated above the Albrecht commander's and it was in single combat that he fell.

Galen is often cited as the cause for the latter collapse of the Pendleton offensive. Had he held his line, it is believed, he may have been able to assist Mortimer when the Menethil soldiers broke through the Ebon Hill Pass.