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Atra'Mors, Kiss of the Black Death



Evette Mercer (also known as "Yvette Mercer," "Evette Willow," or "Yvette Willow") is one of the few remaining survivors of the House of Willow.  Her father, Winston Mercer, was a tradesman of direct lineal descent from Chauncey Willow.  Because of this, she was raised to respect the legacy of her people and encouraged to seek satisfaction for the wrongs committed against them.

Despite her familial misgivings, Evette serves now as a scout to King Prestor on Draenor, where she has gained several distinctions for her bravery and quick thinking.  She was knighted and awarded the bow, Atra'Mors by the king and wields it expertly in defense of her missions.


Evette is a woman of agreeable disposition, though not particularly known for her beauty.  Born of noble features, her strong cheeks and high nose seem almost out of place on a woman that appears to be most comfortable anywhere but within the eyes of another.  She is slightly taller than average and has a strong build, lending itself to her pursuits as soldier.  Her hair is blonde, often worn in a ponytail, and around shoulder-length if not bound.  

She wears a suit of red and black leathers and the black and red tabard of Falomyr. 


Evette first appeared within the story shortly after the War of the Light.  Having been raised outside of Blackmarsh, when she heard of the Argent Crusade's interest in breaking the emergent Albrechtian territory, she began to train for deployment against her ancestral foes.  Evette was skilled with the bow, as many Willows before her had been, and was gifted with some understanding of the Light.  A manual provided by a generous benefactor saw her properly hone her abilities into that of the Purifiers, an off-shoot of the intimidating jaegers that had come before them.  Although easily flustered, her accuracy was impressive and she received good marks in performance if not discipline.

When Evette's detachment was to join  the Western Front, the Dark Iron Dwarves, prompted by their allegiance gained through Harold Hargrave and his marriage to a lady of their peoples, presented an obstacle.  Rather than engage them in combat and see the war become far more complex, the Crusade allowed time to pass before advancing.  This proved costly as Commander Benedictus would surrender Silverlight Keep to Queen Madelynne I and bring the war to an official end.

From an early age, Evette had been taught that she would be the one to restore her family.  Acacia Willow, the progenitor of the household, had been a woman no different than she, and so it was she took it upon herself to make war where it would need be made.  Though not a woman given to wanton hostility or violence, she believed her oath sacred and braved Blackmarsh's lands to see if it might not be completed.  The House of De Vos, a holdover from Wilhelm Albrecht, had become openly rebellious to the Crown.  Aware that this might be her chance to see injury delivered to the House of Albrecht, she joined them in their bid against the Crown.

Evette was not a woman much cut out for the company she kept.  Alongside men such as Colton Fuchs she rarely found peace and the rowdy, often crass nature of her companions set her ill at ease.  Because of this she often requested to act as a scout and as a result was one of the first members of the rebellion to come into contact with the champions.  After a brief engagement she was allowed to depart, though she would later return to attempt a kidnapping of Sharlotte Rutland in hopes she might be ransomed for her title back.  When Dame Sharlotte explained that it was unlikely such would occur, Evette agreed instead to work with the Royal Army in hopes that the queen would grant her a reprieve and see her family restored.

During the battle, Evette acted accordingly and attempted to snipe her commander; however, her position was comprimised when Sharlotte's ploy was foiled by the zealous efforts of Maryem Sparat to see her from the field.  Nearly killed, Evette was taken captive and brought before the queen where she was reminded that Madelynne had never been given the chance to kill a Willow and would have quite like to.  Her pride, severely shattered, kept her from rising against the queen's bait and eventually she was offered reprieve in exchange for service in Draenor.  Likely to die in some foreign land, Evette accepted and told herself she would not give up until her household was restored.

In the Name of the KingEdit

On Draenor, Evette did not immediately find good usage.  She was quiet and often easily overlooked, leaving her to accept meager assignments with little prospect for advancement.  A single mission against orc forces allowed her to game some prestige, though she was greatly outshone by the champions.  

It was after the fall of Fort Blackwing in the wake of the Battle of the Bleeding Valley that she was granted a chance to prove herself.  As the fortress was collapsing, she rushed into the building and aided several in escape: Rinkle, whom she knew from the De Vos Rebellion, Sir Robin of the Falconguard, and Katrice Valean.  This brave action gained her the attention of the king, who began to rely on her more as his forces dwindled.

Alongside Paane Balewroth, Evette worked tirelessly to protect the fortress from interlopers and invaders.  When the Long Winter arrived and low supplies threatened to break the army, she foraged and hunted for the army as best she could.  Only after the Royal Army's reinforcements arrived was she granted the assignment to find Balian Rothe at any cost.  Though she never did, she was able to score several decisive victories alongside Paane against the reforming orcish warbands.

After gaining such reputation with the king, he took her aisde and informed her that if she wished to see her household restored it would not be in Blackmarsh.  Falomyr, however, had a great deal of land that required proper administration and if she continued to serve him loyally he would see her restored.  Quite certain the king was a man more likely to restore her than his wife, she accepted his request and swore fealty to him, donning Falomyrian colors and striving to see legitimacy added to a name long forgotten.

As the war on Draenor continues, Evette seeks more opportunities to see her family name restored.


Though sheepish in some regards, Evette has endeavored to become a woman worthy of leading a household.  She is naturally gifted with a bow and as such has confidence in the field of archery; however, when she is uncertain of herself she is known to become withdrawn and somewhat reclusive.  Desiring positivity and good change, she will speak in favor of the "right option," though she lacks the conviction to ever stake much behind a simple offering.

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