Esilia Grimm is the Guardian of the Marsh, the first marshmancer, and a long-dead Grimm spirit.


Esilia Grimm (née Dumat) was a wizard of Dalaran and a member of the Council of Tirisfal. She abandoned her duties to her order, however, and traveled to Blackmarsh to study its magic and challenge the resurgent Amani Empire. After marrying Omthar Grimm, the Trollbreaker, she became the first marshmancer, empowering the Marsh as an arcane weapon rather than revering it as the bog witches did. Using magic to extend her life, Esilia lived for nearly two centuries, and guided her grandchildren's grandchildren from the shadows to secure her family's legacy.

Guardian of the MarshEdit

After her death, Esilia persisted as a ghostly tomb guardian within Grimstone's crypts, and the Mother of Marshmancy was occasionally sought out for advice by living women over the centuries. With the aid of her descendant Terrien Ashmoor, the marshmancer Tamsyn LaVette, and others, Esilia Grimm recently ascended to replace the marsh spirit Gnaea as the Guardian of the Marsh, and she now guides the fate of the Miasma she helped to empower with the arcane.

Esilia StoriesEdit

The Making of a Marshmancer: Part One

The Making of a Marshmancer: Part Two

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