Ellenia Stokeswood, also known as Ellenia Leafsong, was a Quel'dorei mage who married Valerian Stokeswood, Lord of Silverstone. Her origins are largely unknown, considering there are no records of her existence in Quel'Thalas. She had two children with her husband: Harold and Irina.


Ellenia possessed a stunning beauty. In the Court of Silverstone, her golden hair stood out amongst noble ladies, who were often jealous of her appearance. Moreover, she had the typical elven sapphire eyes, that often shone brightly when in direct contact to the sunlight. This characteristic only added to rumors that the elf was some sort of evil wizard, come to bewitch Valerian.

However, whereas she might have looked exactly like a standard high elf, her skin was not fair as her brethren's. While others would find fault with it, in a society where fairness was a desired trait, hers was a darker complexion, clearly tanned from the sun, but that did not stop others to appreciate her appearance. In fact, it only highlighted her physical beauty.


Ellenia was a lively individual, always prone to make playful remarks, even during tense Court sessions. Despite her proficiency in it, she did not care much about the arcane, often resorting to nature magic to achieve her goals. As a result of it, the high elf loved to travel across the countryside of Everbright; it was not unusual to see the high elf ride out between Silverstone and Summerholt, close to the border with Quel'Thalas.

After her marriage to Valerian, she actively participated in the affairs of the realm. Always one to dissuade her lord-husband from the idea to further expand into the Dense Wood, Ellenia was well known for having a stance against scientific and industrial development in favor of working with the forces of nature and tending the land. Many considered her a detriment to the fortification of Everbright, an accusation she disdained, claiming to come from greedy merchants and blind lords.

Likewise, the Quel'dorei frequently advocated for peace, both inwards and outwards, when the King of Lordaeron threatened to invade Everbright. She played an important role in giving support to his husband's decision to stay away from the conflict and swear allegiance to the House of Menethil. 


Her union with Valerian was a surprising one from the beginning. It came as a shock to the people of Everbright when the Lord of Silverstone, who had for years spurned suitors, married a common elf, regardless of her beauty. Nonetheless, she was charmed by the noble's timid, but good nature. Conversely, Valerian was enchanted by her personality and appearance. It did not take long for them to celebrate their wedding in the castle of Silverstone.

Their marriage was a very happy one, despite pessimistic predictions. Many saw their diametrically opposite demeanors as a great obstacle, but these only served to strengthen each other. Scholars are unanimous in the statement that it was Ellenia that shaped Valerian into an effective and decisive leader, in spite of the discussions in regards to his rule. In fact, during his Regency of Everbright, following Lordaeron's conquest, he sought her counsel and support. It was through her love and advice that he was able to quell rebellions, consolidate Everbright as a power to be respected and bring House of Stokeswood to its best position ever since the Civil War.

Death and legacyEdit

As expected, Ellenia outlived his husband, but not by far. After his passing, the elf began to languish, as if her joy had ended. This proccess took almost two years, in a period where she was forced to abdicate from any participation in politics and her cherished horseriding sessions, but eventually the Quel'dorei died.

In the day she perished, many celebrated, considering themselves free of the elven witch. However, her legacy would linger: after their marriage, the House of Stokeswood was gifted with an arcane-attuned child almost every generation. The reasons for this are not certain, but most speculate that her blood and all that comes with it continue to run strong through the family's members. In this regard, her daughter Irina was the first one to be gifted for magic.

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