Edevyn Lichter
Edevyn Lichter copy


Dawnholde, Blackmarsh, Lordaeron

Date of Birth

03 AP.


Edmond Lichter
Prudence Heartvale


Helmuth II Albrecht


Arval Lichter (Brother)
Oswald Lichter(Adoptive Nephew)
Waltyr Heartvale(Uncle)
Heinrich Lichter†(Uncle)
Bartram Heartvale†(Uncle)
Wilmot Heartvale(Uncle)
Adeline Heartvale (1st Cousin)
Rolf Heartvale† (1st Cousin)
Yorick Heartvale (1st Cousin)
Madelynne I (2nd Cousin)
Kauthryn Roland (2nd Cousin)
Prestor Falomyr (3rd Cousin)


Malcolm Westmoreland
Jothaem Albrecht (widowed)


Sacred Blood

Edevyn Lichter is the eldest surviving member of the House of Lichter.  As the daughter of Edmond Lichter and Prudence Heartvale, she is the older sister of Arval Lichter and the adoptive aunt of Oswald Lichter.  Formerly the wife of Viscount Jothaem Albrecht with she had a son, Helmuth II Albrecht, she was remarried following his death to Malcolm Westmoreland.  Interestingly enough, had she not remarried then she would have been third-in-line for the throne behind her son. 


Tumblr ncy9umgr2E1tu257to1 1280

Art by Senes Blackfire

Of a quite becoming disposition and comportment, Edevyn is discernibly  a member of the House of Lichter.  She is a diminutive woman, though healthy in appearance, and is of average build.  She has a reserved nature though she is known to have somewhat akin to warmth in her speech and particularly kind smiles for those that she deems worthy of her trust.  Her manner of speech is not particularly formal and when she speaks, affability and amiability tend to take precedence over affectation.


As the firstborn daughter of Lord Edmond Lichter of Dawnholde, Lady Edevyn was born into a world of prestige and honor.  The House of Lichter's strict adherence to protocol ensured that from an early age she knew she would one day become someone's wife and that it was her duty to be as skilled a wife as her brothers would be warriors.  Among the landed gentry and nobility of Blackmarsh there were few women noted for being as convivial or loving as she.

Through her childhood she was educated in the ways of ladyhood and took on few pursuits outside of the norm.  One thing that she did find particularly engaging however was reading, in which she might live the lives of distant heroes that lived eternally upon the pages of history.  This fanficul notion was often frowned upon but as it was her only indulgence she was allowed it.  Some might sight her reverence for knights more on this than the fact she is a direct descendent of one of Blackmarsh's greatest and most venerated knights, Sir Ulric Albrecht the Falconheart.

Upon turning twenty-two she was wed to Jothaem Albrecht, recently titled the Viscount of Blackmarsh.  The viscount had only recently been abandoned by his previous wife, Lady Nirelei, and so he proved to be a patient though distant man to her.  Supposing that he might have felt shame, Edevyn did not pressure him for quite some time to see their marriage consumated until it was her father that indicated her duty first and foremost to see the Albrecht line continued.

Trying her best to goad the venerated soldier into seducing her, it took her feigning interest in another for Jothaem to begin to notice how very womanly his young wife actually was.  Finally motivated to see her with his child, it was not long before she was pregnant. 

But what should have proven to be a great thing was quickly turned into a curse.  Those that wished to see the Albrecht line exstinguished could not allow her child to be born, lest they be assured of another Albrecht heir.  Assassins supposedly sent by the House of Creed began to make attempts on her life.  Realizing the danger she was in, Jothaem had his wife sent abroad to Pandaria where his niece might protect her; however, along the way another attempt was made on her life.

Edevyn became a fixture in the court following her husband's death, largely seen as a key point of contact between foreign ambassadors and the crown.  It was on one such occassion that she became quite fond of the elven magister, Renalus Duskhallow, whose fondness for her became something more in due course.  This relationship extended during the War of the Light, within which her betrothed Sir Malcolm Westmoreland was injured.  

During the war, when the Crown Knights attacked Dawnholde, Edevyn helped pacify the populace until the Royal Army could arrive and do battle with the villainous upstarts. 

She now lives within the earldom of Falconcrest with her husband, while her son remains in Dawnholde under the protection of his uncle, Arval.

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