Ebonvale is a decrepit castle and the ancestral seat of power for the House of Holmwood. Nestled against the Weeping Weeds, the keep had historically served as a trading stop for travelers through the woods to the Capital. The keep and surrounding village and hamlets are most well known for their elaborate and eldritch ruins, making the town and keep themselves a sort of ancient maze that only locals and people familiar with the area can navigate.


Ebonvale was settled independently by the House of Holmwood from an upstart in Dalaran wishing to stake his claim in the world. Peacefully Ebonvale submitted to the rule of Stondarr, which then in turn sworn fealty to the fledgeling Kingdom of Lordaeron. The town sprung up from the keep, attracting various apprenctice wizards, farmers, and alchemists seeking the unique properties of the Weeping Wood. The keep has many great wonders that have often fallen into disrepair, including a glass garden to grow food year round that is now only half-used. When Lordaeron fell, the town's reputation of being a town of secrets only worsened, using pacts with demonic forces by the late Baron Aelfred Holmwood to save the town, casting a taint that still remains on the once brighter lands. The surrounding countryside now has lost much of its fertility it once held although the keep is still able to self-sustain itself barely. Nowadays the fel taint that still scar the area combined with the arcane ruins of wizards, witches, and warlocks long dead make for a rather eery experience for any traveler, many choosing to circumvent the town for longer roads, and attracting a rather unsavory crowd.


There are several historical locations of importance in Ebonvale. The most noteworthy is the endlessly tall and abandoned Nightvale Observatory, which had served as a center for arcane learning for centuries before falling into ruined state. The building, despite being the largest structure for many miles, is now considered an eyesore and ill omen to those that gaze upon it. The observatory was initially but a small building constructed on a high hill by the house founder, but was expanded, repaired, and abandoned over time, leading to an odd abomination of a structure. Ebonvale Manor is the only location that has remained in perpetual use, a dusty large manor barely kept clean due to its size and lack of staffing. Various other ruins surround and dot the countryside, with even the town consisting of many ruins between the remaining active businesses, craftsmen and homes.

The keep is built in a very nonsensical manner and offers little protection to the proper manor, being more or less a series of confusing passageways and gates with broken buildings doting in between. Locals often jest that the best offense is a confused defense. The manor itself is of ancient elaborate style, reminiscing over the designs of Dalaran in a hodgepodge of various circling structures of stone, and covered in dark ivy. The most noteworthy feature of the manor that remains up kept is the dying tall white tree protected in the courtyard of the keep, surrounded by a garden of black roses bred specifically through arcane means. Statues of important lords and ladies of the house encircle the garden, their bodies buried beneath them. Those that are not worthy of the commissioning of a statue often find themselves buried in the ancient labyrinthine catacombs, and the most disgraced find their bodies laid to rest in the weeping woods, so as to not further taint the house lands.


Although once surrounded with many arcane wonders, the keep's best defense is its confusing layout, with no proper maps existing of the keep, nor any cartographers allowed to make such maps. Arcane study has greatly fallen out of favor in the town in favor of witchcraft, however the strong affinity for magic still runs through the family's bloodline despite many of the house best attempts to distance themselves from their talented heritage of magic.