Formerly known as the Dense Wood of Everbright, the Eastgrove is a newly created province of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. Their ruler is Aderian Springmist.

History Edit

Origin Edit

During the Troll Wars, 2800 years ago, the Thalassian State hunted its enemies to near extinction. The trolls that lived in Everbright, south of Quel'Thalas, were mostly scattered, but the elves did not spare them. In the aftermath of the conflict, some of the Quel'dorei felt that their foes had some positive aspects. In sum, they admired that the trolls lived close to nature, however savage and misguided their ways were.

In fact, many of these elves longed for a partial return to their traditions in Kalimdor. Forever they would be the Highborne, forsaken by their own kin, the Kaldorei, but the liberal use of magic was not exclusive of a worship of the land and closer touch to nature. Unfortunately, their plight fell on deaf ears, as Silvermoon treated them with indifference and, in some cases, disgust. Therefore, feeling abandoned by their friends and even families, these elves departed Quel'Thalas and journeyed to Everbright, where they would be able to live as they desired.

For milennia, these Exiles lived simply, practicing their magic in peace and blending it with the wild. Nonetheless, all changed with the human expansion northwards. When Edric Stokeswood led his band, the elves retreated into the Dense Wood, also called Eastgrove by the new denizens of Everbright.

Out of fear and a sense of elitism, they erected a magical aura around the forest, shrouding the woods in great mystery. Many expeditions were sent to uncover the real nature of the grove, but none returned. In time, both nobility and peasantry decided that it was a place best left forgotten, which only increased the superstition around it.

Victory over the Scourge Edit

During the Third War, the undead swarmed through Everbright like locusts. While the forces of House of Stokeswood and Clatter succumbed to the Scourge's advance, unknowingly the elves of Eastgrove were resisting the abominations. Under the leadership of Ranerian Starshatter, the Exiles used the power of the Ancient Pact to drive them back.

Although victorious, they would eventually pay a heavy price for their success: in the final stages of the war, Ranerian was corrupted by a Lich, leading the once noble and wise leader to fall into dark despair.

An end to the seclusion Edit

Now drove mad by the foul sorcery of the Lich, Ranerian Starshatter began to plan his conquest and subjugation of his people. With an army of specters, dead wildlife and elven traitors, his goal was to absorb the magic of the Ancient Pact and bring all of the continent to heel. Declaring himself Emperor of the North, a title that not even Anasterian Sunstrider held, the wizard-warrior initiated his end of terror.

In response, the remaining leaders of the Exiles performed a ritual that shackled Ranerian in an etheral state, though it did not render him completely powerless. Unable to manifest himself in the physical world, the culprit had the ability to influence others to answer to his will and continue to raise ghosts and animals to fight for his cause. Moreover, both Ranerian and his captors knew that, in time, he would have enough power to break the bonds that held him.

Eventually, the effects of the dark influence within the woods were felt by the humans of Everbright. Williert Stokeswood, having learned the nature of the spell that surrounded the forest, summoned the Queen's Men to investigate what lurked in the woods.

Once they were inside, it did not take long for them to discover the Exiles and the champions pledged to aid them in their struggle against Ranerian Starshatter. With all the elves rallied to one banner, and the dark sorcerer finally free, the Battle of the Shrine took place, deciding the fate of all the North.

Ranerian was defeated at the foot of the Shrine of the Ancient Pact, and the seclusion of the Exiles was officially over.

Society Edit

It is an egalitarian society. Just like in Quel’Thalas, men and women perform the same tasks. There is no central government, but an elder is appointed to adjudicate over conflicts between individuals and clans. Moreover, it is this person that acts on behalf of the elves, planning strategies for their continued survival. Instead of noble houses, it is based around clans, though some of their leaders choose to style themselves as lords and ladies.

Before the end of isolation, there were three groups: the Dusk's Embrace, the Leafsong and the Sky's Radiance. The division mirrored in many ways their differing views on the proper treatment afforded to the humans of Everbright.

The Sky's Radiance is the most influential clan of the Dense Wood. They favor intellectual pursuits above all else; in this sense, they resemble those of Quel’Thalas the most. Additionally, the members of the clan usually advocated for further seclusion from the humans of Everbright proper by means of magic. Time and time again they spoke against the lowering of the magical barrier that left the forest isolated. Their territory is in the middle of the grove, receiving the most sunlight. Their current leader is Aderian Springmist.

The Leafsong favor bonding with nature above all else, employing druidic sorcery in a daily basis. In spite of this, they reject the teachings of the Kaldorei and Cenarius, arguing their source of power comes from the very essence of life instead of demigods. Their lands are located in the south of the grove; their stance in regards to interaction with the humans was similar to that of the Sky’s Radiance: seclusion, but through manipulation. Ellenia Leafsong belonged to the clan and was sent to court Valerian Stokeswood with this very purpose. Their current leader is Talor Leafsong.

Finally, the elves of the Dusk's Embrace were the friendliest in the Dense Wood and, if not for the joint intervention of their kin, would have welcomed the humans into their acquaintanceship long ago. They felt that both races can benefit from an alliance and that Everbright would grow with it. Then again, they have some habits that are considered odd by members of the other two clans. For example, they paint their faces with a strange blue substance and perform dancing rituals in the moonlight. Finally, they have great dominion over the realm of the dead, but necromancy is forbidden by law. Their lands are in the north of the Dense Wood, benefitting the least from the sunlight. Their current leader is Veritas Longstride.

With the end of the seclusion, the tendency is that these differences wane in time, with the consolidation of a diversified, albeit tolerant culture.

The Ancient Pact Edit

Long ago, when the Exiles left their kin in Quel’Thalas, it was agreed upon that the eternal spring that permeated their ancestral home was a necessity in Everbright as well. Therefore, they assembled their most powerful wizards, who were also the original clan leaders, and in the depths of the Dense Wood, a circle was formed to release an eternal spell upon the land.

During a fortnight, these magi worked tirelessly to create the enchantment. In the end, they were able to give birth to an energy source powerful in its own right. Although it lacked the same splendor of the Sunwell, the objective had been met: Everbright forever would enjoy unnatural sunlight.

Relation with Everbright Edit

After the defeat of Ranerian Starshatter, with the combined aid of Lordaeron's champions and House of Stokeswood's army, the Exiled of Eastgrove felt that a debt was owed to humanity.

Although they were at their weakest point in history, the conflict saw the development of a sense of national pride never before seen amongst them, not seen even during their successful resistance against the Scourge. At any rate, many advised Williert Stokeswood to simply seize the forest for himself, now that the magical barrier no longer stood in his way.

The wizard-lord rejected the notion, and instead forged an alliance with the elves. In the Treaty of Silverstone, the Exiled pledged fealty to Madelynne I, vowed to aid Everbright and the House of Stokeswood in all endeavors, and agreed that one of their nobility would marry Edmund Stokeswood, Williert's eldest son. In return, the humans of Everbright would offer any aid they required, both in financial and military matters, and promised to respect their autonomy to select their leaders and rule their subjects.

The marriage between Edmund and Lady Leryssia, daughter of Aderian Springmist will happen soon, in a grand festivity. Scholars have pointed out that, in some ways, history repeats itself, for Valerian Stokeswood once married, although unbeknownst to him, a woman come of the Exiled. They also claim that the marriage opens ample ground for cultural integration between the two provinces and a future merging in the decades to come is not only viable, but likely.