The Earldom of Falconcrest is an old province off the southwestern coast of Blackmarsh.  Falconcrest, to whom Earlessa Falconcrest belonged, withstood Menethil invasion for a decade longer than Blackmarsh.  Initially supplying its allies with arms, when they were invaded entirely Falconcrest took to arming itself. As a result of their tenacity, and feeling that the House of Albrecht had abandoned them, the people of Falconcrest quickly became bitter rivals to the province they once knew as allies. 

The title of "Earlessa" has become the designation for the ruler of the earldom, an honorific designated in memory of Earlessa Falconcrest.   Following the fall of Lordaeron, Falconcrest quickly sealed itself off and as a result, suffered minimal threat from the Scourge.  Less prestigious than Highpass and less populous than Blackmarsh, its saving grace has been its well trained and efficient men-at-arms, who have produced some of the greatest knights to serve in what has become known as the Talonguard.

Following a visit from the Crown's Champions, a tenuous peace has been formed between the resurgent Lordaeron and the earldom.  Although a marriage between Quinn Corvidane and one of the Earlessa's champions was proposed, a later offer was made between Edevyn Lichter and one of the Talonguards. 

The present Earlessa is Constynce Marie Falconcrest.

Noteworthy NPCsEdit

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