The Dawnguard is one of the two elite knightly orders created by the Viscount of Blackmarsh.  Although traditionally kept within the Dawn, following the ascension of Queen Madelynne the Dawnguard has seen increasing action in foreign theaters.  To date, not a major engagement has occurred in which the Dawnguard is not invloved and following the Edict of the Dawn, has seen its domain extended to all corners of the reclaimed kingdom of Lordaeron.  Now the final authority in all matters pertaining to domestic security, the Dawnguard's presence has become that of an occupying force in many locations.

While held to the same code of chivalry as the Falconguard, the Dawnguard has an added layer of religious dedication that often causes contradictions in their orders.  Wartime impropriety, in the past, was seen as something unconscionable; however, the chevaliers of the modern day have accepted the burden of realism in the face of idealism and on several occasions have sought to overwhelm an enemy force with tactics that might have seen them exiled in times of yore.  That being said, they maintain the designation as the shield of Lordaeron where the Falconguard is its sword.

They are the first and oldest order dedicated to the Light within Blackmarsh.

Their current commander is Kauthryn Roland


The House of Roland has long been associated with the Dawnguard as it was Sir Charles Roland, during the Battle of Honor's Point that won the admiration of his childhood friend, Wilhelm Albrecht, 3rd Viscount of Blackmarsh.  Sir Charles fought in each engagement and ensured that his companions were not overwhelmed.  He was awarded a horn which is son, Sir Anseis Roland, would later blow during the War of the Ebontide to alert his allies to the presence of Falomyr forces.

Wilhelm, after nearly losing Blackmarsh to the Spring Campaign, created the order as a means to protect the Dawn in particular.   It was not until the Second War that paladins began to filter into its ranks, though even before then a religious inclination was strongly encouraged. The Dawnguard acted in the Black Purge, though the extent of their involvement is unknown.

The ritual required to become a Dawnguard has for long been shrouded in mystery.  Until the command of Kauthryn Roland, the Dawnguard recruited only from families in the Dawn.  Common surnames to be found within it were Roland, Lichter, Marshal, and Heartvale.  At least one Trueflame served in the Dawnguard as well, an exception prior to Dame Kauthryn's edict.  


Each company of Dawnguards is known as a "Lance," with thirty knights being assigned to each.  There is a maximum of 12 lances, though rarely is every rank filled.  The Captain of the First Lance has been synonymous with the Commander of the Dawnguard since the order's creation.

Lance CaptainsEdit

  1. Kauthryn Roland
  2. Yorick Heartvale
  3. Vacant
  4. Vacant
  5. Vacant
  6. Marjorie Galawain
  7. Thomas Eveligh
  8. Vacant
  9. Vacant
  10. Garyth Westmoreland
  11. Vacant
  12. Vacant


After suffering heavy losses in the Myrwood Campaign, the Dawnguard has entered a state of recovery.  A call to all goodly knights has been issued, though none worthy of being captains have to this point manifested. 

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