Dafyd Graves,
4th Baron of Gravestone


Baron of Gravestone


Wolcott Graves


Danyl Graves


Astyr Bone


Danyl Graves
Catherynne Graves



Dafyd Graves was the fourth Baron of Gravestone.  He was the last of true lineage to claim the title, with his illegitimate son becoming the first Duke of the Grave following his demise.  Widely seen as a capable lord, he nevertheless led a life frot with personal failures and triumphs.  He was an active participant in the Black Purge, the Midday War, and the Second War.   Until the time of his death in the Third War, he was undefeated in battle. 


Dafyd Graves was considered an attractive man, despite having a decidedly hard edge to him.  A man come of the Grave through and through, his was an appearance courtly but rough around the edges.  For the aristocratic favors that he had been gifted with, his nose had been many times broken and a scar was attributed to the corner of his left eye.

Considered by many to be one of the greatest warriors of his time, Dafyd was awarded a suit of armor by Hadrian Albrecht after defeating his son, Magnus, in a melee.  He stood six feet and four inches and weighed roughly two-hundred and twenty pounds, most of which came from muscle though later in life his form began to soften.  Not a man known for his smiles, there was nevertheless a quick charm to him when he warmed to others as expressed in his eyes and on his lips, which were the same full nature as many come of Graves' stock.


Unlike his father, Wolcott, Dafyd was a man given with martial prowess.  Considered a large lad for his age, he received a tutor as soon as he could walk and proved worthy of the effort.  He is one of few contemporaries that are spoken of in the same breath as the Falconheart, and as such, received a great deal of responsibility in military exercise.

He served with expertise in every engagement he was assigned to, bringing to the House of Graves untold acclaim and inspiring the region to hearken back to Lord Darcy Graves, who had been a popular lord in his time.  During the Midday War he came within reach of cutting down Eleanor the Crow, though he was waylaid and prevented from claiming another storied kill for his blade. 

After his marriage to [[Astyr Bone]], he saw her with their first child, Catherynne. With the death of Wolcott, he left the administration of the Grave to his wife.  He left along with his compeers to join in the Second War and returned where many of his companions fell.  After the war though he was a changed man and lost some of his fervor for the fight he had once known, stating that the orcish bloodlust had revealed to him the madness of war.

Some time during the years following the war he sired the bastard Danyl Graves, though he never had the occasion to meet his son.  During the Third War he held Gravestone, somewhat ironically, with the assistance of Eleanor the Crow whom years previous he had nearly slain.  But eventually Gravestone fell and with it, the final baron of Gravestone.

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