The County of Crownwood
A Land Reborn

Holding Type

Ecclesiastical Province


Holy Mother Ermentrud Weimar






House of Albrecht

The County of Crownwood is a large province of Lordaeron located on the easternmost contiguous border of Lordaeron Restored. Ruled over for many generations by the House of Buzan, with the abdication of Jorn Buzan the lands were placed within the hands of Madelynne I, whose claim stems from Claudia Buzan.   The province has recently suffered invasion by the Scourge and was made an ecclestiastical province by the will of Madelynne I, who bestowed stewardship of the land to Holy Mother Ermentrud Weimar.



Once the site of a mighty castle and the ancestral seat of the House of Buzan, Cedarfall is currently nothing more than a flaming ruin.


Once the second largest township in all of Crownwood, Cedarfall's destruction as seen Rosedale undergo massive changes. Now considered the de facto capital of Crownwood, Rosedale plays host to a large cathedral from which Holy Mother Weimar rules the county. Rosedale also boasts a stone wall of some size and has acted as a beacon for refugees fleeing the destroyed towns of Crowngrasp, Elder Branch, and Cedarfall.



As the only remaining castle in all of Crownwood, Oakenhelm stands as a firm bulwark against any would-be Scourge incursions into the province. Although the township outside the castle is small, the castle itself boasts a sizable garrison of Wardens and serves as their primary base of operations.


A small town.


A meduim sized township.


A town of some size, Whitepass serves as the primary trading hub for the county, thus relying heavily upon the roads through Whitereach for trade with greater Lordaeron and Blackmarsh.


Once a medium sized town, Crowngrasp is currently little more than a ruin.

Elder BranchEdit

Once a medium sized town, Elder Branch is currently little more than a ruin.

Major OrganizationsEdit

The Church of LordaeronEdit


The Rose Cathedral of Rosedale stands as both the province's headquarters, but also as a bastion of Light in the land.

Since the flight of Count Jorn Buzan, Queen Madelynne I appointed Holy Mother Ermentrud Weimar as the nominal steward of Crownwood and reorganized the area into an ecclesiastical province. Despite the attempts by some within the Queen's court to have the county put under the direct control of the nobility, the province has managed to stay independent and firmly within the administration of the church of Lordaer Restored.

The Wardens of the CrownEdit

Organized by Holy Mother Weimar, the Wardens of the Crown are a knightly order which serves as Crownwood's primary armed force and as an paladinic organization within the church, independent of the Order of the Silver Hand. Although small in number, the Wardens are great in both skill and faith.

The Wardens in Crownwood are currently led by Dame Eiryan Gravenor.

Present Day Culture Edit

Following renewed interest in religiosity after the institution of theocracy in the province, as well as more efficient management of resources and a massive increase in farmland due to logging efforts began by the Holy Mother, Crownwood has enjoyed a time of plenty.

As a result, the arts have become a very popular pursuit in Crownwood, particularly songs, paintings, and poetry detailing the emotional effects that the worship of Madelynne has on the people of the province. The Church itself, and Ermentrud in particular, seem to approve of these methods of worship and have even provided funding to the best artists who provide the most majestic depictions of their lord and savior, the Queen.

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