The Coven of Seven was group of seven practitioners of the Dark Arts.  Although officially formed by Eleanor Bayne, many consider their founder to be Nila.  

The Coven is at present considered defunct, though some believe that it continues to operate in a lesser known capacity.

Original MembersEdit

  • {Eleanor Bayne}: Nila's primary disciple and follower, Eleanor journied through Blackmarsh in an attempt to gather the best and brightest minds that there were.  She is heralded by many as the Mother of [Modern] Marshmancy and is singularly responsible for the reintroduction of the Dark Arts into Blackmarsh's society. She died at the Battle of Grimpool.
  • {Vara Holt}: Eleanor's second and a bog witch of great ability.  Vara's wealth enabled her to gather precious resources that augmented the power of the Coven prior to the Midday War.  She was killed by jaegers prior to the Midday War, a factor that many consider to be a reason for why the Coven lost so soundly.
  • {Annette Marsh}: The youngest member of the Coven, Annette was recruited when Eleanor heard tales of a girl that played with marsh maidens.  Much to her surprise the girl indeed proved to be capable of pacifying the naturally violent creatures.  In an attempt to protect her, Eleanor had Annette secreted away; however, she was discovered and drowned in Ebonpool.
  • {Edevyn Lashley}: Much like Nila, Edevyn Lashley was capable of mastering both marshmancy and witchcraft.  Her exceptional abilities and clever nature made her a favorite for Eleanor.  Though rumors persist that the two were lovers, Eleanor held that they were but good friends until her final day.  Edevyn is likely the source of her daughter's name, though Eldridge would later go on to state it was motivated by Adder's vine and not the witch herself.  She died with Eleanor at the Battle of Grimpool.
  • Corrine Marshal: One of the few members of the Coven to escape death, Corrine was born to the renowned family of Marshal.  Despite the militaristic nature of her family she was regarded as a kind and sweet girl.  Eleanor discovered her ability with witchcraft and bade her to join them.  Corrine would have died during the Battle of Grimpool, but a contingent of knights from the House of Marshal rescued her. 
  • {Tabea Oak}: A young bog witch that unlike Annette Marsh, sought to perfect herself beyond the abilities of all others.  When Riese Vine thought to locate Eleanor he captured the young Tabea and tortured her.  She managed to escape and return to the Coven, but was tracked down once more.  While the others fled, she remained and chose to kill herself rather than endure what she had experienced once more.
  • Brangwyn: Of the original seven, the least is known of Brangwyn.  Eleanor was enamored by her abilities; however, Brangwyn's enigmatic qualities precluded her from being well liked or loved by those around her.  She trained several disciples of great ability and was the only member to survive both the Midday War and the Battle of Grimpool.

Current Members (Speculated)Edit

  • Brangwyn and Corrine Marshal are believed to remain within the collective.
  • It has been hinted at that Nila is also a member of the Coven.
  • Edevyn Bayne, the daughter of Eleanor, has also been considered as a potential member.

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