Claudia Albrecht (née Buzan) was the wife of Viscount Wilhelm Albrecht and mother to Viscount Hadrian Albrecht. She is remembered as a strict woman who favored the Albrechts little, but nevertheless became iconic for how a woman of the house should present herself.


According to the annals of Albrecht history, Claudia was regarded as a very dour woman who favored little and spoke even less. Although her beauty was often considered haunting, she is said to have been very attractive if not for the hibernal nature with which she dealt with others. Her hair was jet black and her eyes a pale grey, more steel than blue. Strong cheekbones, a high nose, and full lips kept her from seeming gaunt despite the decidely somber nature of her long features. A mole, often considered a beauty mark, was present upon her face as well.

Tall and slender, her favoring of black clothing gave her a very severe appearance. It is said that one disdainful glance from her could convey a lifetime's worth of scorn.


As the first born daughter of Count Buzan and his lady wife Nia, Claudia was trained from an early age to carry a lady's deportment. In her youth she was intended to wed the Duke of Crestford, but when he suddenly fell ill it was left to her father to find a suitable match. Claudia, for all of her good breeding, was a particularly glacial young woman who warmed to few and cared not for anything beyond her duty.

Viscount Dedrick Albrecht, having gained considerable power following the Blackwood Uprising, was approached by his newly made trading partner as a means of strengthening their relations. His son, Wilhelm, was largely viewed as a potentially dynamic figure. His actions during his service against the trolls proved to make him a small legend within the region, which drew the desires of many. Claudia did not favor him because she found the red-haired, large and loud man attractive - but because by taking him, no one else could.

So it was that the two were wed, though little interest existed between them. Their marital responsibilities, it was said, was carried out with an orderly and highly dutiful manner. She clashed secretly with Lady Alaryana, who felt her son had been given a glacier in place of a wife. Nevertheless, as the younger lady in the home Claudia allowed herself to suffer slights from her mother-in-law.

After Wilhelm became Viscount of Blackmarsh, Claudia's position was elevated. Unfortunately, her mother-in-law's relation with her son prevented him from expelling her from her position and it was not until four years later that she finally passed after her husband.

Claudia remained relatively secluded from matters of state, instead focusing on the home. When Wilhlem began to take on extramarital associates, Claudia feigned ignorance while secretly sending paid knifemen after the bastards and their mothers. Only four lived to adulthood - four who she scorned without question. She also bore four children: Hadrian, Anders, Mary and Jane. While the world collapsed upon Wilhelm, she made certain that her daughters were wed. However, she is often cited as one of the many reasons the smallfolk took umbrage with Wilhelm, as he had "brought the Witch of Woe" upon them.

Despite having to wait so long for her time as lady of the house, once Wilhelm died and after Hadrian had come to power, Claudia removed herself from Blackmarsh and returned to Cedarfall. Upon her death, surprisingly, she requested that she be returned to Blackmarsh to be buried beside her husband. Dutiful in death as she was in life, it is said she was buried with a frown firmly planted upon her face.