Cedrik Wolvesbane was born the third son of Reginald Wolvesbane, Lord of Summerholt. At an early age, he trained to become a Knight and later, a Paladin of the Silver Hand.

The champion eventually met his end in the road between Dankst and Stranglehold, betrayed by his own subordinates.


From an early age, Cedrik was tailored to become a Knight. His very education had this purpose; lessons of swordmanship and strategy filled his days. The boy showed a great aptitude to these notions, quickly gaining some renown amongst the common folk of Summerholt.

Upon his sixteenth birthday, he was knighted by Sir Ferdinand Qinter, for acts of valor against bandits. Two years later, Sir Cedrik married Lady Elise of House Roland, and moved to Dawnhaven in Blackmarsh, much due to his bad relationship with Sintas Wolvesbane, his brother and heir apparent to Summerholt.

The warrior fought together with the Alliance of Lordaeron through all major engagements against the Orcish Horde in the Second War. Cedrik greatly admired Lord Turalyon, and strived to follow the Light just as the General did. In one of the battles, early in the conflict, he was able to hold the line against a marauding force of orcs in Duskenhill with very few men. Had the city, who was inhabited at the time by children, women and old men, fallen, everyone would be put to the sword.

The Bishop of  Duskenhill at the time commended his tenacity and prowess, promising a reward once the war was over.

After the Horde's defeat in Blackrock Spire, Cedrik returned home along with his fellow soldiers. Duskenhill, rallied by its Bishop, celebrated the triumph of its hero in a beautiful ceremony. Henceforth, Sir Cedrik Wolvesbane became known as "The Bastion of Duskenhill". Moreover, he was awarded with a sacred scepter, of Elven craftsmanship, with the sigil of the Silver Hand.

The priest explained the relic was no common ornament. It possessed great magic within, as every artifact made by the Elves did. Besides, the Bishop had further empowered it with the Light. Cedrik was greatly thankful, but prayed that he would never have to resort to the power of the scepter.

The knight returned to his wife and child in Dawnhaven, having gained the respect of small folk and noble alike in Blackmarsh and Lordaeron. He greatly enjoyed peace, using his time to train youngsters in the art of jousting and swordsmanship. 

While times were peaceful, tragedy befell his family. His son was taken by a strong fever and perished on the age of eleven. Lady Elise was struck by grief and slowly dwindled to her death. This event struck Cedrik to his core, but he remained faithful on the Light.

When the Scourge came, the man was in his early fifties. Nonetheless, the Paladin answered the call of the Light and led forces against the undead monstrosities.

Unfortunately, his allies and fate betrayed him. Cedrik was in command of a decent sized force in the Grasp, meant to contain a large Scourge host advancing with all haste.

The undead's numbers were far too much for conventional methods. After losing half his forces, the Paladin decided to use the Scepter. Pulling it from his belt, the man called down on its power and suddenly, the battlefield was overwhelmed by the Light.

When the brightness had ceased, the damned continued their advance, but from the original host, most were now ash. The battle continued to rage on, but Cedrik's troops, albeit totally spent, emerged victorious. Alas, Wolvesbane was greatly injured.

Certain to have fulfilled his mission to protect the town, he called for a retreat to Stranglehold, main city in the Grasp. On the journey, he was victim of a mutiny within his ranks. Hungry and desperate, his soldiers wanted to desert. Cedrik, even wounded, would have none of it. And so the cowards fought the loyalists. After another bloodbath, the wretched men were able to murder their former comrades. Cedrik's scepter was shattered, and the upper half was taken by the deserters. The lower half was presumed lost.

In search of the Scepter, the Silver Hand in Lordaeron followed into the history of this knight. Eventually, they had to fight him, as he possessed the second half of his relic. However, their enemy was now a death knight, brought back by necromancy. The Queen's Men brought him low, and put an end to his misery. He met his final fate beside his statue in New Duskenhill.

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