Catelynne Elaine Mallister
Catelynne Mallister


Former Royal Guard


The Dragonslayer
The Brightblade






Andrew Mallister (father, deceased), Janine Mallister (mother)


The Kingdom of Lordaeron


Knights of the Silver Hand
The Scarlet Crusade
The Ashen Verdict


Unknown (Injured, presumed lost in Pandaria)

Catelynne mallister by neekolah-d5kujeg

Catelynne Mallister, former Royal Guard.

Catelynne Elaine Mallister, known as The Brightblade and The Dragonslayer, is a former Royal Guard in service to Madelynne Albrecht, Queen of Lordaeron. A decorated soldier of the Alliance and a loyal Knight of the Silver Hand, Catelynne has fought for Lordaeron since she was a young woman.

Her feats are known among many. Her part in the destruction of the Black Dragonflight--including the resurrected Nefarian, Lord of Blackwing Lair and Sartharion, the Onyx Guardian--and the Twilight Dragonflight's broodmother Sinestra, earned her the epithet Dragonslayer. As a part of the Ashen Verdict, she was a member of the final strike force sent to the top of Icecrown Citadel, where she battled alongside many against the Lich King himself.

Upon her return to Stormwind, she presented herself to Madelynne Albrecht and swore fealty. During the Grand Crusade, she shielded the queen from a blow with her own body, and was rewarded for her valor with a position in the Royal Guard. As the Alliance's expedition to Pandaria began, Catelynne was sent ahead on a reconnaissance mission and reported back to the queen. She returned to Lordaeron with the rest of the Queen's Army, coming to the aid of the beleaguered defenders of Blackmarsh during the Dread War. 

As rumors began to circle around the Alliance of an island in Pandaria said to contain the untold riches of a mogu king, Lord Commander Aldaim Ward sent Catelynne south with a small force of handpicked men to investigate the claims--and if possible, to assist the Alliance forces in claiming the island.

While exploring a tomb of the Thunder King located on the island, Catelynne and her men were ambushed by the living statues of mogu warriors set to watch over the tomb. Her men were slain and Catelynne, despite fighting valiantly, was slammed into a stone wall, shattering her spine. With her back broken, she was left for dead as the statues returned to their vigil. Rescued by the Shado-Pan, Catelynne was taken to the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai, and survived the ordeal with the aid of the temple's monks. 

The pandaren informed the Alliance forces of what had occurred, and a letter was sent to Stormwind detailing Catelynne's current state. Lord Commander Aldaim Ward released her from her oath, as the prognosis was grim, and new Royal Guards were chosen to fill her place.

She is currently still in Pandaria at the temple. Her condition is unknown.

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