House of Heartvale
Heartvale Sigil

Coat of Arms

A Stag set upon a golden Chevron.


Always True



Current Head

Waltyr Heartvale


Blackmarsh, the Dawn


Barons of Dawnford


House of Albrecht

The House of Heartvale is a knightly house of the Dawn that was recently elevated to noble status by edict of Queen Madelynne I. The current head of the house is Baron Waltyr Heartvale, a former knight sworn to the House of Lichter, and the current General of the Royal Army.

Noteworthy HeartvalesEdit

Baron Waltyr Heartvale, first noble head of the House of Heartvale.

Sir Yorick Heartvale, Captain of the 2nd Lance of the Dawnguard.

Sir Rolf Heartvale, Knight of the Dawnguard, perished during the War of Argent Aggression.

Adeline Heartvale, Sister of the Holy Church of Lordaeron.

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