Brygida Olgony

Grand Duchess of Solberg

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Grand Duchess of Solberg



Date of Birth

15 B.P.


Alterac Peerage




Sacred Blood


Ansgar Ostergard (husband)
Hans Ostergard (son)
Lars Ostergard (son)
Johann Ostergard (son)
Beata Landvik (daughter-in-law)
Johanna Ostergard (granddaughter)

Grand Duchess Brygida Olgony of Solberg is the wife of Ansgar Ostergard and the mother of his three sons, Hans, Lars and the deceased Johann. She is a beloved icon in Alterac and is well known for her fearless endeavors, indomitable spirit and strength of will.

As the daughter of Lord Stanislaw Olgony and his lady-wife Katarzyna Olgony, she bears a claim to the blood of Perenolde that saw her hand heavily contested and her early life a dangerous affair. Her rebellion against marrying a man she did not love and her ensuing flight spawned a saga called the Droga Brygida, which details her ventures in war torn Alterac and the romance come of her fateful meeting with her future husband.

Description Edit

Once hailed as a classic Alteraci beauty, Brygida is a woman of delicate sensibilities and faint constitution yet despite that does not lack for the ability or becoming features to arrest attention. Though she relies on a queen's veneer to aspire for the gravity her position requires, her composed and forthright nature commands respect. Her dark hair is pinned back away from her face and often left loose, lending no sense of deception to her pretty features and calm blue eyes.

She has proven a strong match for her husband, whose frank and stern manner is offset by her intensity and genuineness, and though her adventurous spirit has been softened by motherhood and dwindling health she presents for him a challenging companion. Never one to frown too long when she can smile, Brygida forgives often and judges rarely and is said to possess a keen and innate talent to see past duplicity and into the true intentions of others.


From the day she was born to the day that she could walk, Brygida Olgony knew only a life of running. As one of the last of the Olgony line that yet possessed a claim to the seat of Alterac, she was raised both with the complicated lessons a noblewoman needed and the skills that she needed to survive. Though her capabilities were middling at best with most martial weapons, Brygida proved to be clever, quick and utile, poring over vast volumes and learning what it was to lead an army while on the move. Much of her childhood passed without incident but in a blur of motion and inconstancy until an Alteraci war party led by the Slodi patriarch, Slovak Slodi, stumbled upon the last of the Olgonys and cut down all but one of their line before taking Brygida as his ward for much of her young adult life.

Brygida was presented to Szymon Slodi as his betrothed, but disgusted by his barbarity and cruelty to his servants, she devised a plan to escape and slipped from the Slodi keep. Keeping the company of a single loyal guardsman and an aging bard named Zygmunt she had known since girlhood, Brygida sold her fine dresses so that she could eat and slept beneath the stars. She walked the old paths that her forebears before her had walked, following a map that detailed the resting places of old and voiceless gods and taking shelter in small villages and convents where she could find them. Her life was a series of trials and flights of fear, trailing from one port of Alterac to the next but given only a few weeks of the luxury of rest, and though her bardic friend fondly called their close calls and brushes with the eldritch within ‘adventures’, she desperately wished for a place to rest.

She stumbled upon an encampment captained by Ansgar Ostergard, a successful tactician who had won a series of skirmishes integral to his campaign and gained renown for his ability to turn the tide of battle despite the vast numbers against it. Though she was taken captive once it was discovered who she was, he was quick to free her from bondage, listening as she confessed her need to be free of the shackles others had placed upon her and spoke of the trials she had to overcome. Touched by her spirit and tenacity, Ansgar gave her the opportunity to remain and free to leave when she chose, claiming that he could not deny a woman with such fire in her eyes. She stayed for as long as it was safe but fled when war followed her once more, turning towards the northern border of Alterac when she learned her betrothed pursued her. Szymon Slodi sent his demands ahead of him before his war party arrived, threatening to take appropriate action should they not be met. Ansgar was unshaken and turned his forces to meet him in a surprise assault, using his entrenched and well-fortified position to wear down his numbers until he called for the retreat.

His decision was not without its costs: he was forced to contend with a coalition of nobility leading their own contingents after taking Szymon as his prisoner of war, but his desire to make him break his betrothal contract so that he could ask for Brygida’s hand himself overcame his sensibilities. Ansgar’s war came to a head when a betrayal from within prompted an organized attack that nearly overran his position. The battle was bloody, but Brygida’s unexpected and timely return revealed a host that followed at her back: a contingent of men loyal to the Ostergard war for Alterac and her name, gathered over the several weeks that she had stayed within his company, stood at the ready and crushed the opposing forces before it could truly begin, but not without costly investment on both sides of the battle. Szymon Slodi was killed. Presaging a series of major battles to occur in the coming years, the unnamed conflict became a festering source of hostilities between the line of Slodi and the line of Ostergard.

Brygida knew peace for the first time in many years and spoke on Ansgar's council as a tactician during his campaign. They were married in the Alteraci spring in the ruins of what would become their home and did not know true comfort until they all ready had young children, working towards the restoration of their kingdom brick by brick. Following their wedding, Zygmunt popularized their romance as the Droga Brygida, a beautiful song detailing the many adventures of the young princess, the soldier who saved her and the time that came in which she returned the favor. She bore three strong, healthy boys - Hans, Lars and Johann - and was initially dismayed that she did not have a daughter of her own, but her love of her sons soon saw her a doting and affectionate mother that did not leave them wanting for anything.

After the death of Johann at the hands of Slovak Slodi, Brygida fell into a deep depression that withered her strength and made her ill. The birth of Princess Johanna has seen joy returned to her in a time where she believed that she would not know it once more.

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