The Brotherhood of the Flame is a knightly order founded by Queen Madelynne Albrecht, Lady Paramount of Blackmarsh. Dedicated to the cause of liberating Lordaeron from the Forsaken, Scourge, and Argent Imperialists, it has often been compared to the Scarlet Crusade for its hardline rhetoric and refusal to admit non-humans that are not quel'dorei or dwarf.


The Flameguard are dedicated to the protection of the Flame; in simple turns, the defense of Madelynne. Each member of the Flameguard must prove his or herself in combat and be completely devoted to their cause. To prevent outside influences from being taken into account, all Flameguards must be unmarried, propertiless, and without children. This ensures nothing outside of their duty motivates them to serve and no outside force can pressure them into inactivity.


  • Jeremaes Edrickton, the Scourgebreaker
  • Eshkandar Anushirvan, the Mountain that Shines
  • Aldaim Ward, the Shieldbreaker
  • Genette Shiel, the Vigilant
  • Jacelyn Cailum, the Hopebringer
  • Neyuna Narian, the Unyielding
  • Amaliana Bradford, the Redeemer

Former MembersEdit


The Council exists to provide Madelynne with support in matters dealing with the administration of the Flame. Most have military experience or an understanding of society she would not.


  • Rose Eveligh
  • Barstow Caradas
  • Jothaem Albrecht
  • Asuryan Kurnous
  • Alisia Carguere
  • Rowthe Willey

Former MembersEdit

  • Menedi Lutherman
  • Davix Manheim


In nearly any military, a knight stands out as man or woman trained to excel in combat. Although not all knights are of comparable skill, nearly all have more training and experience in combat than their counterparts. The knights within the Brotherhood of the Flame are some of the highest quality, placing honor and oath before all else.

Noted MembersEdit


As morality cannot exist without strong religious backing, the Brotherhood of the Flame ensures that its members remain devoted to the Light while undertaking their various tasks. Religious figures are those who ensure that their brothers and sisters are entirely committed to their cause through righteous means.

Noted MembersEdit

  • Johan Nordstrom
  • Radyn Dorothea
  • Nirelei Albrecht


Those that fall under the umbrella of "military" are generally footmen, archers, scouts, and spellcasters. Although they are not knights, they are nevertheless revered for their exceptional abilities. Those who seek to advance within the Brotherhood generally begin under this classification and expand upward as time progresses.

Noted MembersEdit

  • Davix Manheim
  • Laethau Shadowmore
  • Isaelin Llylic
  • Alice Lorenvise
  • Ryordan Landis
  • Vannes


As any order is bound to do, the Brotherhood of the Flame has left an impression upon other factions and organizations. Diametrically opposed to the Brotherhood of the Dawn in many ways, they are also often hostile with the League of Lordaeron.

Despite Madelynne's misgivings for Bishop Johannes Moorwhelp, the Flame is on relatively neutral terms with the Clergy of the Holy Light and seems to be similarly aligned with the First Regiment.

They are hostile to any and all Horde affiliates, particularly those under the Forsaken. Additionally, they have a strong disfavor for the Argent Crusade that places them nearly at war.

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