Blythe Atwood
Blythe fiship
Art by Rhosmera

Date of Birth

8 A.P.


The Lianna Circle
Queen's Gilnean Legion
Saberclaw Empire
(Soul Clan leader)


Emerson Atwood† (Father)
Rowan Atwood† (Mother)



Blythe Atwood is a witch and member of the Queen's Gilnean Legion. A native of Kul Tiras, she equally considers herself Gilnean by the strange circumstance of her upbringing. Talented with magic in no small measure, she has chiefly focused her attention on healing and shapeshifting, but is also a novice practitioner of claromancy. 


Born with a face meant for smiling, Blythe possesses an appearance that while neither dainty nor beguiling offers a charm pleasant to behold. Her eyes echo the forests she often dwells within: a deep, mossy green prone to glinting with mirth or calmed to thoughtful reflection. She seems to prefer wearing her hair short, splashes of a warm darkness a shade lighter than true black brushed but rarely styled with overt intention. Thick and subject to slight asymmetry, it compliments well the strong, yet shapely features that almost certainly lay claim to a common ancestry. 

Short of stature, her bearing is one of sturdiness, and even strength. Indeed, she is host to a figure undeniably buxom and womanly, her shoulders are somewhat wider than average and grant her the near-stout physique of one who is quite familiar with some measure of athleticism. Her skin, a healthy albeit burnished shade of walnut, is smooth and com``ely but for a circuit of claw-mark scars that kiss her face from ear to cheekbone. 



Blythe by draa

At the most fundamental glimpse of her comportment, she proves a prim yet vivacious woman who is neither shackled by etiquette nor bereft civility. She is known to impress well upon patient, easily humored figures and even an odd exception to those usually taken with despondence and brevity. When she speaks, whether regarding newly-minted acquaintances, esteemed nobility, or trusted companions, it is always with warmth that belies any misleading veneer. Recently, these traits have buffered her propensity to seek harmony as a means of diplomacy.

Free of spirit and inquisitive to boot, Blythe is continually fascinated by all things that comprise the world, such that it is possible for her to attend a formal event and within hours find herself deep in a stretch of forest, or vice versa. Married with her eagerness to learn and the lifestyle which borders on a mixture of pagan/shamanism, she seems to teeter upon the edge of refinement and untamed delight.

Ever the courageous soul, she is just as likely to face obstacles both daunting and potentially perilous as she is to tittering in excitable glee. The latter variable often leads to digressions that, while earnest enough, might inspire annoyance or endearment within whoever receives such attention.


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Art by mirandemia

Early Life Edit

Blythe Atwood was born the only child to Emerson and Rowan Atwood in a Tirassian port city. Her father was the owner of a reasonably well-to-do trading circuit, while her mother captained merchant ships to and from dock. She remembers little of them, for they were gone from the world when she was not yet nine, and left Kul Tiras behind shortly after to live with one of Emerson's close associates and his family.

Caleb Landon, the lord of his house, accepted Blythe as a ward of his family where she was raised under their guidance and protection. Given tasks of similar importance to those already in the service of the house, she quickly learned efficient ways to manage her time as well as etiquette that would suffice in the presence of most nobility. She gradually integrated herself with the family, establishing a relationship that surpassed mere obligation. Of their four children, Blythe became closest to Livia who proved a constant friend and confidant as they grew from girls to young women. 

Abundant with wealth, House Landon frequently provided relief to those in need of it, an endeavor chiefly supported by the eldest daughter, Corra, whose shrewd business sense coupled well with her humanitarian outlook. Though several without homes or work were compensated accordingly, it was the population of displaced harvest witches that earned Blythe's attention. A boon in rural communities yet sometimes shunned in civil society, the estate became infamous among practitioners as being a safe place to recuperate from what strife they knew. Throughout the years that countless women passed to and from the walls, Blythe cultivated what began as curiosity and was cultivated into what would later become an invaluable cornerstone in her life. 

Audra, Caleb's lady wife, spoke of officially adopting Blythe as her daughter in the weeks before Gilneas was razed by curse and plague, but it was a promise left unfilfilled as they were forced to flee the city. 

The Fall of Gilneas Edit

Numbered among the survivors who managed to escape Gilneas, Blythe boarded a ship to Darnassus which for a time harbored refugees in need of shelter. Although separated from the Landons during the chaos, she spent some time among the elves and worgen who flocked to the ancient city. There she learned not only to expand the breadth of her magical acument, but also strengthen her proclivity toward healing. 

Nearly a year in training saw her confident enough to venture once again to human lands. Stormwind stood tall as a bastion for mankind, and so she traveled there that she might find a purpose when all that she had known before was taken from her. By happenstance, she reconnected with Livia who informed her of the death of her mother and father and the disapperance of her remaining siblings. Distraught, Blythe felt at a loss for how to proceed when Livia spoke of an entity that sought to bring hope to dispossessed Gilneans as them. Lordaeron seemed too far from them and too close to the Forsaken menace for her to agree at once, but Livia convinced her to leave with the promise that she would join her once her own affairs had been attended. 

Blythe departed for Blackmarsh shortly thereafter, though did not see Livia again. 

Service to the CrownEdit

Under the command of Viktor Romel, she has served in the Queen's Gilnean Legion spanning several campaigns.

  • The Scourge Invasion:

Blythe volunteered herself at the tail end of conflict within Myrwood. There she briefly witnessed Archaemian in battle, proving her mettle by supporting the other champions as they held ground against him. Though she and most present were eventually overwhelmed, she has a first-hand account of Kauthryn Roland charging the lich and defeating him. Despite the freshness of her ranking, Viktor awarded her a modest property in Stranglehold for her efforts.

  • Containment:

It was against the forsaken beneath the order of Tabitha Morrow that Blythe was first tested in true, open warfare. While comparatively brief, the experience of leading troops and facing a foe responsible for the destruction of her home helped to hone her understanding of tactics. She was not among those present at the infamous stand of Diregate, instead assisting in the battles adjacent which ultimately placed the odds greatly in the Royal Army's success.

  • Ascension:

Enlisted in the Western Front, Blythe primarily engaged in combat under the directive of Viktor Romel alongside much of the Legion. She did her best to ensure her allies remained in good condition, though in addition to her endeavors afield she spent most of her time in the Royal Army's encampments tending to the wounded. Disease spread into some convalescing in their tents, but Blythe was able to cure the majority of them before it was exacerbated.

Near the end of the War of the Light, she was among a small group that sought to infiltrate the keep of Cynessa. They were discovered and subsequently imprisoned by Jonas Mitchell, who bewitched them with illusions to ensure their compliance as captives. However, they were eventually granted enough clarity to make their escape only to be confronted by Jonas, once again using his abilities to cripple the champions with their greatest fears and insecurities. When it seemed they would be prevented from escaping, they were rescued by the valor of a mysterious man known only as the Black Knight.

  • Into Darkness:

    Art by Yan-liCC

Blythe was initially curious of Draenor when the army was set to move through the Dark Portal, hoping to aid in Lordaeron's larger task of supporting the Kingdom of Stormwind in their own efforts, and also to explore its forests for a means to expand her mind and spirituality. The first few skirmishes she partook in lent toward the former, but what came with the latter was something truly unexpected.

Draenor was an odd place with inhabitants both similar and unlike those native to Azeroth, but the first of these she encountered were the saberon. Though considered hostile prior to the humans' encounter, Blythe was able to parlay with the general of their army, Dumela, and gain an audience with the Saberclaw Matriarch. She led a group to a council which would determine their worth to the saberon - through feats of strength and swiftness, the Royal Army gained the Saberclaw Empire as an ally, emerging as the Soul Clan.

Her fondness for the saberon grew into something akin to friendship. Blythe was cordial to the Mariarch's advisors with the exception of Tsavo the Quick who proved antagonistic at best, and particularly warm toward Chuwampa the Wise and Dumela the Flamebringer. The former she regarded as a mentor in spirituality, while her relationship with the latter became something notably more tender over time. Pleased by the success of the allegiance, Blythe was confident that whatever they might endure, it would be together. 



Art by Cheesehound

While deployed on Draenor, Blythe became deeply invested and fascinated with the saberon people. Often going out of her way to spend as much time near them as she could, it was not long before she made lasting connections. One of these presented itself as an opportunity which at first seemed little more than a means to assist the army's new ally - but to Blythe held more meaning than she could properly express. Through a ritual devised by Chuwampa, she witnessed a vision that foreshadowed Tsavo's betrayal and ultimately saw her spirit joined with that of La'hwsa the Brave

Translating in the given context to "little sister," La'hwsa allowed Blythe to shift into the form of a saberon at great cost to her energy but with the advantage of heightened strength and senses. After Dumela was captured and the empire left nearly in shambles, she exerted herself daily and in time this blessing became less of a tool and more an identity which she fiercely embodied. With guidance from Iyaho, Sidha, and Hath'shira, she was able to harness the requisite wisdom, stealth, and strength befitting a true saberon.

Initially, she planned to depart alongside the Royal Army after their victory against Gra'ba's forces. However, her love for Dumela and his people - that which she could then call her own - ensured that such a decision could not be made easily. Avoiding the immediate permancence of choosing to return to Blackmarsh or remain with the saberon, Blythe elected for the time being to see the cubs sired by Tsavo reared as any other within the empire.

It was she who spoke in favor of Dumela ascending to emperor, eliminating the standstill on the matter of Empress Saberclaw I's successor.


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