Beatrice Meadows (née Michaels) was the wife of Sir Geoffrey Meadows.


Beatrice was a sturdy woman with a full figure. As legend holds, Sir Geoffrey went to her father's bakery to acquire some buns to eat and found hers to be much more impressive. Whether or not the ribald tale is true, she has been described as very buxom woman with brunette hair.


Her father's only daughter, Beatrice proved too unruly for many of her neighbors to take interest in. As the woman of the house from an early age (her mother passed when she was a child), Beatrice had a very aggressive and strong nature about her. Sure with her hands and not one to back down from an argument, she intimidated a great many men until she encountered Sir Geoffrey.

It is said that the two fell in love instantly, though her father was less pleased. Though Sir Geoffrey was indeed a storied knight by the time they met, he nevertheless was a bastard. Beatrice applied a lifetime of command to her father and after a day's worth of arguing he relented and allowed the two to wed.

Geoffrey's life may have been filled with strife to that point, but Beatrice made it her goal to ensure that her husband lived a comfortable life. Though she continued to work as a baker, she also divided her time between their three children: Jeanette, Douglas, and Edward.