The Battle of Falconrest was a confrontation between the Brotherhood of the Flame and remnants of Marquis Godric's army. Although the smallfolk of Falconrest initially supported Godric's army, once the Flame began executing traitors they quickly began to cooperate. It was the first official military action by the Flame since its formation.


Command of the Flame's forces fell to Lord Menedi Lutherman. While Lord Lutherman fought off a peasant uprising, the Flame's soldiers were told to remain within the keep while the Flameguard met the enemy in the field.

Leading the charge was Sir Aldaim Ward and Genette Shiel. Sir Aldaim engaged Sir Dancel Langren and initially made headway against his cavalry, though when the two met in single combat Dancel overcame Aldaim and took him captive. Making a spirited retreat, he was cut off by Genette Shiel, recently knighted into the Flameguard, who rescued her ally by dealing a swift defeat to Sir Mickael Moreau's men, then running Sir Dancel through.

Meanwhile, Dame Trelaine Chevalier and her lover, Sir Guillaime Depar began to attack the weakened gates of Falconrest. Though the defenders showered their men with arrows, the veteran soldiers under their command continued to hammer the walls, all while serjeants Marsh and Meylene opened fire on the battlements with their cannons. Remington Dalson, formerly of the Flame, also commanded an artillery unit that brought down one of Falconrest's towers.

Upon realizing that the cannons had to be stopped, Sir Talrick and his lady wife Cie defeated Serjeant Marsh. Before the frontline soldiers could be signaled to retreat, they dispatched Sir Guillame with a cannon blast that sent his entrails over his lover. Dame Trelaine, shocked, retreated with her men and encountered Genette Shiel and Aldaim as they sought to return to their army.

Dame Trelaine and Genette Shiel engaged each other then in single combat, Aldaim too disoriented to assist. Trelaine gained the upperhand, but before she could run down Genette, a second cannon barrage from Lady Cie saw the woman turned to mulch. At the same time, Remington's position was overwhelmed by the Flame's bannermen.

Lord Godric entered the fray then, his expert horsemen proving more than a match for the exposed defenders. In a clash, Lord Menedi met his rival and the two fought to a near draw, until Menedi pushed Godric back while the Flame's reserves flanked him. Remington, meanwhile, was rescued by Gevin Hopesfire, who betrayed the Flame and used his cannoneers to grant the two a swift escape.

Lord Godric was taken captive.


Though morale was shaken initially, the Flame's commanders were greatly experienced with combat following the battle. Lord Godric bent his knee and swore his men to the Flame's cause, bolstering their numbers and adding the seized cannons to their arsenal. More importantly, it revealed to the people of Falconrest that it would take a great deal to overthrow their despot.

However, Lady Albrecht was acutely aware of the fact her holdfast had almost been lost, and was forced to be more generous with her peasantry. In addition, she allowed all to be forgive for past crimes that fought in the battle, bolstering the garrison considerably in the time of need.

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