Ebonpool was the northernmost territory within Blackmarsh viscounty. It was the the site of the first battle during the War of the Ebontide.


With Admiral Fisher blockading Highpass, a collection of the ships within his fleet continued onward to Ebonpool. They landed along the banks of the Ebontide; however, no sooner had they begun to disembark than did an army led by Sir Marcus the Falconheart appear.

Believing that they would have had the element of surprise, Lord Richard Falomyr did not think to land an advance party before striking out. Caught in the process of escaping their boats, the invasive army was quickly surrounded and forced to give battle. Though the element of surprise was on their side, the Albrecht men were forced to retreat when additional landing parties arrived.

This battle was the first that Magnus Albrecht and his younger brother Jothaem participated in. Both served as squires to their uncle, Sir Marcus.


The engagement at Ebonpool greatly bolstered the morale of the Falomyr soldiers, who felt that their enemy would fall even if granted the element of surprise. This false sense of security is attributed with being one of the leading factors in future blunders.

With the main force approaching from the north, Lord Falomyr was able to land additional soldiers with the help of Mercer Willow to ensure the defeat of his adversaries in what he felt would be a decisive victory.

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