Lord-Chancellor Asuryan Caernough and the Monarchist forces in Blackmarsh mounted a happenstance defense against the aggressive Liberator forces led by Rance Creed.  Although the Royal Army was defeated, the battle was relatively inconclusive as to which side truly prevailed. 


The Royal Army divided its forces into five armies: the Main Army, First Lance, Queen's Gilnean Legion, Silver Hand, and Forlorn Hope.  With each force headed by its respective leader all commands were filtered through Lord Caernough who, at the head of the army, utilized the open field to first deploy the Forlorn Hope against Lord Collins Ridgewell's position while at the same time engaging his vanguard units in the fore.

Following the collapse of his forward army, Lord Ridgewell accepted a challenge from the young Lord Caernough and despite his storied career, was defeated in single combat. Unable to spare any soldiery to guard prisoners, Chancellor Caernough executed Lord Ridgewell upon the field. Father Magnus Ashbourne and his army then arrived and made short work of the Forlorn Hope.  Following the death of Sister Abigail, the Forlorn Hope was forced to retreat inf full.

Sir Rancel met Viktor Romel in single combat, but was defeated and taken captive.  Following this action, the Royal Army was told to retreat though they safeguarded the citizenry of Brunshire and allowed them to escape to Thorn's Hill with them.


Morale was relatively high considering that a small force had nearly overcome a larger one; however, the lives lost by the Royal Army could not be easily replaced.  Rance Creed dispatched two of his commanders, Braxton Hughes and Calder Brandon to besiege Thorn's Hill while he garrisoned his men at Brunshire.    

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