Azrahil Hopesfire was a pirate lord that fought in the War of the Ebontide.

Appearance Edit

Azrahil, like all Hopesfires, was a man of dusky complexion with a large, robust figure. His eyes were light brown and he wore his beard in a parted fashion, the ends held separated by thick beads. He was often dressed in exotic silks from Tanaris and favored a cutlass in battle.


Azrahil, like many of his kin, was a pirate lord by birth. The Hopesfire name was born from the marriage of an old Arathi house to Tanari and from it, arose a new breed of noble. How it was that he managed to convince Duke Darron Trueflame IV to wed his daughter Lysara to him is a mystery, but from their union came a strong line of warriors.

He was often at odds with the Trueflames despite their union and spent many years evading the attempts of Lord Reginald to overcome him. Despite this animosity, he sailed to the lord's rescue during the Siege of Highpass.

A charming man beyond compare, he is said to have sired a child upon his sister-in-law Lady Mary Trueflame during the war. He reportedly drowned the bastard admiral Rayr Fisher for "daring to claim the sea with such a weak name".

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