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the Undying

Sir Aytan the Undying is an ancient spirit of Grimloch, and the former captain of Caligan Grimm's feared Grim Guards. After explorers from Ebonloch helped secure the castle against several threats both modern and ancient, Sir Aytan lived up to his title by possessing his own embalmed corpse and going to assist Terrien Ashmoor at Myrwood and Grimstone.


As he was in life, Aytan is a mountain of a man near to seven feet, clad in night-black plate. His face is wrapped in a red burial shroud save for his eyes, hiding the severe decay of his centuries-old body, and a sweeping many-notched flamberge rests in a half-sheath upon his back. 

He tends to gesticulate wildly in his speech, and speaks in such thunderous tones that he seems either hard of hearing, or just slightly insane.

The smell of embalming fluid inevitably follows Sir Aytan.

In LifeEdit

Little is known about Aytan's early life, save that he is a bastard of one of the Grimm lords of Ebonloch (possibly even Caligan Grimm himself), and such an exceptional knight as to be named captain of the Grim Guards despite his birth.

He earned his title, 'the Undying,' when he survived being buried alive. Incapacitated by spirits of the marsh while in pursuit of two runaway girls from Grimloch, Sir Aytan was assumed dead and buried, but he awakened, smashed through his coffin, and clawed his way out of the grave.

Sir Aytan has not given any indication how he finally did die. This probably suggests a woman did it.

At GrimstoneEdit

After joining his extremely distant cousin Sir Terrien Ashmoor in battle during the Cleansing of Myrwood, Aytan has since joined 'Lord Grimm' at Grimstone. He has aided him in the field on several occasions, and Sir Aytan is also in command of the training and preparation Grimstone's regular undead forces.

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