Asmarjine il-Azathor,
Vice Admiral of the Third Sea


Vice Admiral of the Third Sea


Admiral Maximilian Longshore


Mistress of the Waves
Lady of the Sea
Keeper of the Deeps
Beauty of the Beyond

Date of Birth

03 A.P.


Royal Navy
Maiden's Faire (former)

Previous Titles

Captain of the Maiden's Faire




Bastardized Bloodline


Too many.



Admiral Asmarjine il-Azathor (also known as "Margine il-Azathor" or erroneously, "Margine Hopesfire") is a self-designated member of the prestigious il-Azathor bloodline.  Formerly a premier pirate that preyed upon the coasts of Blackmarsh, she was eventually convinced by a delegation sent by King Prestor to surrender her arms and accept a commission within the Royal Navy, despite capturing two prototype ships with a much inferior set of vessels of her own.  She is the daughter of Aztinian Hopesfire and an undisclosed woman, as well granddaughter of Mary Trueflame and the pirate-lord, Azrahil Hopesfire.  As such, she holds the distinction of being the second cousin to Madelynne I, though this relation has never been formally recognized and likely never will be.

Although technically an il-Azathor, she is the highest ranking member of the miliatry of bastardized blood. Considering this, it is likely her elevation would not have occurred had Queen Madelynne I been in power, rather than her husband, at the time.


Although she will never be recognized as an Albrecht, it holds true that Asmarjine has the fiery thirst for independence that her royal relatives hold.  Incapable of accepting defeat and unwilling to surrender the prestige of conquering her greatest foes, she has seen herself up from the position of a mere orphan along the Dawning Coast, to standing as one of the most prominent and capable members of the Royal Navy's fledgling fleet.  Impetuous and daring, her inability to discern fear as something that she motivate her has led her on several successful raids and also has been responsible for many devastating defeats.

Neverthelss, her confidence is boundlessly intriguing and she summons to her side the mighty and the merry without much effort. Be it with blade or bow in hand she is ever a dashing sight and her comely disposition, married to her winsome mannerism time and again has seen her into the hearts of her would-be enemies.  Almost childishly does she believe in her destiny and it is with that idealism that she has championed her causes until they have seen her to heights thought unimaginable.

She is fiercly loyal to her people and surprisingly uncorruptable for a [former] pirate, prefering to rely on honest means to see herself compensated.


From an early age, Asmarjine was destined for the sea.  Though she should have been born with the surname "Meadows," her father was a Hopesfire and as such saw the name unto her.  While some might have been content with this, Asmarjine felt that her blood was too wild and free to be so collared and so as soon as she knew what an il-Azathor was, that was what she named herself.  Aztinian was hardly a man concerned with raising his progeny and Asmarjine, whose supposed mother cared little for what she did, turned to a life of adventure at an early age.  Along with her friend Blanche Meadows, she endeavored to find a path that would see her into the sea she believed she had come from.

Blanche worked tirelssly however she could until she managed to purchase Asmarjine a position on the ship of Captain By-Blow's bastard crew, which was known to be manned only by those born bastards.  With the chance given to her, Asmarjine accepted and faced many hardships but never allowed herself to be defeated.  It was on this voyage that she met Decker Masterson, who would later join her crew when she set out on her own.  Through toil and hardwork she managed to get ahead and from there, refused to look back.

Eventually, Asmarjine was able to gain her own crew and saw it filled with those that had a heart for the sea: Blanche was her first mate, but there was also Decker Masteron, Bold Q'oriq of the South Seas, Cedric Potts, Desmond the Crow, Strong Sally Marsh, and Slick Dick Peters.  This motley crew turned out to be capable of relying on each other in the most dire of times and together became a force to be reckoned with.  Using a captured merchant vessel, the Maiden's Faire and her crew terrorized the seaboard, often intentionally attacking Trueflame ships as a means of instigating rivalries with those that believed themselves masters of the sea.  Margine, to her credit, rarely used violence against captives and strictly forbid any means of misconduct.  In fact, those accused of sexual transgressions were severely punished.

But the good times could not last forever and her piracy saw her forced into more daring raids.  When the Royal Army dispatched ironclad ships against her, she managed to rout them but realized there was little future to be had in continuing to fight so advanced a force.  At the urging of her crew, she agreed to accept a commission within the navy and was allowed, with royal permission, to prey upon fleets that did not belong to the Crown.  This kept her often in the Third Sea, or that area which was between the Dawning Coast and Quel'thalas.

Asmarjine did not immediately earn the respect of her peers; however, when during the War of the Light, the Royal Navy fled in the face of the Forsaken fleet, it was Admiral il-Azathor that sailed around the tip of River's Eye and flanked the fleet, shattering it and sending them in swift retreat so that she might arrive to aid Blue Harbor.  This action, more than any other, saw her name exalted. 

At present she has prepared for a voyage to the other side of Azeroth, which she believes will be filled with riches beyond imagining.  If this voyage is permitted, she will be the first member of the il-Azathor family to seek such a fortune... something she does not believe she is capable of looking past.

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