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Former Affiliations

Scourge, The Dark Rebirth

Archaemian, formerly known as Archibald Mortimus, was one of the enemy commanders on the Northern Front during the Ascension Campaign.  Initially encountered as a lich-lord during the Scourge Invasion, he later inhabited the form of his phylactery's possessor, Thalia Darksong.

Following a brief partnership with Commander Chillings, Archaemian betrayed his ally and attempted to empower the Tower of Souls to overwhelm his enemy.  He was stricken down after abandoning Thalia's body by Jeremaes Edrickton, whose spirit had returned to aid his allies one final time.


Thalia Face copy

Archaemian as Thalia Darksong

During the Scourge Invasion, Archaemian led a rogue's gallery of powerful scourge, each sworn to his thirst for conquest.  Of those loyal to him, two dark rangers stood out as particularly dangerous opponents: Thalia Darksong and Pyrretess Dawnflame.  The jealous rivalry between the sister-like elves was reignited when Archaemian began to favor the former over the latter.  Little did Pyrretess know the reason for this was because Thalia had accepted Archaemian's offer to act as his phylactery.

With the conquest of Starkholme and the Royal Army slaying Archaemian and later, the false Thalia which proved to be Lady Scour, Thalia retreated with her master's recovering spirit toward Forsaken Lordaeron.  It was there that she, at some point, encountered Commander Chillings.

Archaemian eventually began to replace Thalia's consciousness within her body and by the time she realized she would be lost to her master's mind control, it was too late for her to do anything to stop it.  Assuming Thalia's identity entirely, Archaemian began to reorient himself for conquest. 

With the aid of Jonas Mitchell, Archaemian managed to disrupt the Royal Army's forces, thus permitting only a scant amount to make their way to Northrend.  The ensuing campaign was a costly one for the Royal Army, but when the final blow was laid Archaemian was defeated. 

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