Anub'Azzar is a Nerubian crypt lord in the service of the lich-lord Archaemian.  He was one of the first Scourge commanders that the Royal Army encountered in Myrwood and is arguably the most dangerous.  Initially the commander of a detachment of mobile artillery, after being alertered to the Royal Army's intention of attacking him he took drastic steps that forever changed him and the level of warfare that the Royal Army was to encounter.


When first encountered, Anub'Azzar was a crypt lord that was of average size.  The only distinction between he and his counterparts was the addition of a biological cannon attached to his shoulder that discharged incendiary rounds.  

But after the initial confrontation, Anub'Azzar gorged himself upon his subordinates and any captives that were yet alive.  The result was a monstrous change in his appearance, placing him at nearly forty feet tall and weighing around seventy tons.  The sheer size of the beast made him cumbersome and slow, but with two cannons and a carapace that seemed impervious to physical damage, the sacririces seemed to have been worth the effort.  To prevent falling over, he often used his wings to brace for impact. 

Many parts of his carapace have been fitted with iron, covering where it cracked under his sudden growth in size.


It is not known when Anub'Azzar was recruited to Archaemian's army; however, his appearance has been one that causes intimdiation.  Surprisingly dedicated to order, it was the threat of upheavel that caused him to cannibalize his followers so that they might know oneness once more. 

In almost all circumstances prior to the Battle of Fallow Downs, he proved to be a capable fighter; however, at Fallow Downs he became more a force of nature.  Though the Royal Army gave their all to prevailing over him, they were defeated.  But the nature of Anub'Azzar's subservience seems to have changed, as the hunger within him is as much for power as it is order.  Devouring his allies whenever he might, he now presents the Scourge with a troubling wild card.

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