Anthony Stokeswood was a Lord of Silverstone and head of his House . He was an accomplished warrior and a well-liked ruler by the common folk.

On his death, he left three children: Alexander, Williert and Josephine.


Anthony was groomed to become a leader from birth. He had always favored swordplay lessons, but tutors were able to show him the necessity of learning concepts such as politics and stewardship.

When he was but a boy of fourteen years of old, he was knighted for valor in the fight against rebels who sought to overthrow House of Wolvesbane, Stokeswood ’s greatest allies.

Such actions of bravery, along with his position as heir to Silverstone, permitted his marriage to Lady Andressa Wolvesbane to occur two years later.

On the Second War, he was called to serve the Alliance of Lordaeron. Along with his primogenitor, Alexander, Anthony fought with distinction and honor, being commended by King Terenas II himself in Capital City.

The Lord of Silverstone died on his 60th birthday, in his bed, victim of an unknown disease.


Despite his status as a strong fighter, Anthony was never able to challenge House of Clatter for dominance in Everbright. Moreover, the lord had always attempted to earn the Crown’s favor at every turn.

During his reign, the Church of the Holy Light had heavy influence in the province. Many paladins and priests benefitted from his incentives to the clergy.

Finally, ever concerned with the welfare of the downtrodden, Anthony strived to give opportunities to peasants to arise from poverty. Some initiatives were more successful than others, but regardless of the results, the small folk remember him fondly.

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