Angethad Blazehammer







Angethad Blazehammer is a member of the Clan Blazehammer.  He is the youngest of Angthar Blazehammer's children and was at one time the proponent for breaking away from the traditions of Dun Draigmar.  He desired to crown himself as prince, with backing from the Sovereign Clique, to ensure that the title of thane remained in the Blazehammer bloodline and that those that saw that come to pass would be richly rewarded. 

Considered to be a clever and scheming lad that lacks much bravery, he was convinced to place down his claims of being a prince by the Crown's Champions informing him that his father was set to attack both sides of the conflict with Dark Iron soldiers.  

Angethad was the leader of the Sovereign Clique, which included:

  • Hagil Ironpike
  • Derstad Coldforge
  • Ingstun Thudermar
  • Brustein Flamehorn.
Angethad copy

Angethad's model

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