Sir Anders the Falconheart


Geoffrey Lichter


Marcelyn Lichter

Sir Anders Albrecht was the son of Viscount Wilhelm Albrecht and the brother of Viscount Hadrian Albrecht. He served as the third Falconheart during Hadrian's War. He is fondly recalled as a chivalrous man, much like those who claimed the title before him.


Anders Albrecht was a tall man with a well defined build. A lifetime spent in martial pursuit built upon him muscle like armor. He was considered fairly handsome for his time, with long red hair and a well groomed beard. His eyes were steelish gray.

In battle he wore white armor trimmed in red gold, a falcon emblem keeping a red cloak fastened to his shoulder. Before he used the Falconheart he favored a greatsword.


Anders, like most younger brothers in the Albrecht family, was born to be a follower. He idolized his brother Hadrian from a young age and did whatever he could to impress him; this led to his development of martial prowess. He was one of the youths raised in Blackwatch Keep's reformed atmosphere and learned a great deal about the world outside Blackmarsh from it.

Knighted at the age of seventeen, he was allowed to participate in the Spring Campaign despite Hadrian's inability to do so. He served during the Battle of Honor's Point with distinction.

Anders accompanied his cousin Sir Geoffrey Lichter the Falconheart to Falomyr Province. When Sir Geoffrey was killed at the Battle of Crestford, Anders was named Falconheart with the man's dying breath.

Although he is often likened to Arval Albrecht for dying at a young age, most would compare him to Sir Ulric, the first Falconheart. He was a taciturn and honorbound man. Unfortunately, his honor was what led to his demise as he could not fathom the treachery to occur at the Siege of Falomyr.

Anders was without issue. Some say this is because he was a homosexual, though members of House Albrecht strongly deny the accusation.

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