Alekander Andro
The Iron-Jawed


Human, Forsaken




Knight-Champion of Lordaeron
Knight-Captain of the Scarlet Crusade
Viscount of Ravenwood
Risen Crusader-Lord


The Iron-Jawed


Kingdom of Lordaeron
House of Andro



Immediate Relatives

Alexandros Andro(Father)
Mary Andro(Mother)
Throstan Andro(Brother)
Mikhal Andro(Bastard Brother)
Jon Sparrow(Bastard Brother)

Alekander Andro was a Knight of Lordaeron and Count of Ravenwood during his life. In undeath, he became a Crusader-Lord of a faction of Risen Scarlet Crusaders. He officially died and was laid to rest on the fields of Aelrid's Stand.


Alekander was normally a very calm, cool, and collected both childhood and in adulthood. He was very slow to anger and very quick to forgive, never holding a grudge for very long. He often spoke that forgiveness is something that enemies receive when they realized that they have fucked up. He treated his troops with the utmost respected and treated them like he would any brother or sister, fighting alongside them and having their backs whenever possible. He was brave, gallant, and ever loyal to Lordaeron.



Alekander was born the first legitimate son of Aleksander and Mary Andro. Like most of the main heirs before him, he was born at Ravenwood Keep. He was given a generous education, where he learned economics, mathematics, reading, writing, and theology. He was a very pious child and prayed often. He enjoyed the stories of romanticized knights upholding the tenets of chivalry, gallantry, loyalty, and valiance.

He started to become schooled in the art of combat very early in his life. He was two years younger than most of the other boys who were with him, but he had a natural talent for swordsmanship. He frequently neglected his studies(with exception to reading and theology) and instead chose to practice in the swordyard. He was also decent with the crossbow.

As he grew into his teenaged years, Alekander got into fights very frequently. His loyal friends, Ryordan Landis and Erren Clarke frequently had his back and it was Ryordan who gave him the epithet 'Iron-Jawed' after taking a board to the face and still pummeling that aggressor.


Alekander never became a candidate for the Silver Hand, but rather simply wanted to become a knight of Lordaeron. He squired for a knight named Sir Arther Grove for many years. He was knighted on the battlefield at the age of eighteen. After becoming knighted, he joined a small group of Knights that aided Knights of the Silver Hand in hunting down the remnants of the Orcs. His good nature and natural skill stayed the same. After the leader of the group of twenty knights died, they elected Alekander as their leader. He became distinguished on the battlefield and his rank increased to Knight-Champion.

At eighteen, he had a daliance with one of his mother's handmaidens -- a common woman named Emilene Freville, around the same age as Alekander. When he found out that she was pregnant with his bastard son, he was thrilled to that fact and wanted to legitimize him. However, after a heated discussion with his father and consultation from his best friends, Xandryn and Ryordan Landis, he decided to agree with his father's decision to pawn the bastard off on Throstan and send him as a ward to Dervon Currington.

Emilene gave birth before being shipped off to Blackvale. Alekander named him Aldwin and said his good-byes to both his mistress and child. They arrived in Blackvale, where he was raised from infancy to a child under the impression that Throstan, who was travelling the world, was his father and Alekander his uncle. Alekander and Xandryn frequently visited the child to see if he was being educated as best as possible. Dervon and Alekander discussed taking Aldwin on as a page under Alekander's tutelage, but it was decided that he would squire for Sir Daniel Donnockton, the Marshal of Blackvale, when he came of age.

Fall of Lordaeron and the Scarlet CrusadeEdit


Alekander in his armor.

At the fall of Lordaeron, Alekander had retreated to Ravenwood to help marshal their forces. When the Scourge began advancing on Ravenwood, Aleksander ordered that all of Ravenwood's forces retreat to their allies in Stromgarde, with exception of one hundred men that would stay behind. When Alekander begged to be part of the one hundred, Aleksander told him that Ravenwood's future rested on Alekander's shoulders. He needed to lead Ravenwood's people to safety, for that was his duty as Count.

Alekander did indeed lead his people to safety, and his father died in order to delay the Scourge for a few days. After ensuring that their people would be safe at Havenport, Stromgarde, Alekander joined the Scarlet Crusade with his band of knights. Alekander rose through the ranks of the Scarlet Crusade quickly and eventually Alekander led his cavalry division along with the house of Ceyne and Atkinson to completely commit to Crusade. After several years, Alekander retook Fort Ironjaw, Light's Crossing, and Woodsdale in Ravenwood, but unfortunately saw the extinction of House Ceyne after a deadly ambush murdered the last three sons of the noble house. Their words were "Loyalty Unto Death".

Even though their position in southern Lordaeron gave the Scarlet Crusade a place from which they were able to harass the Forsaken, the Scarlet Crusade ordered that the holdings be abandoned in favor of their holdings in the north, preparing for a large offensive into Tirisfal. When Alekander gave the order, the House of Atkinson rebelled against him, but the rebellion was swiftly quelled and almost all of the Atkinson men put to the sword by Dervon Currington.

Alekander's knightly group became a special cavalry division. They were given priests, rangers, men-at-arms, and Paladins, and were routinely assigned to very dangerous and potentially suicidal missions. Almost all of these missions Alekander carried out with a 'no questions asked' attitude and typically followed them to the letter, which earned him much distinction when he achieved the goal of the missions. During this period, the cavalry division all co-wrote The Tome of the Righteous, which holds detailed accounts of their actions and missions, memoirs, etc. of each man and woman in the division. It has thirty-six entries.

Alekander remained loyal to the Scarlet Crusade until they were all recalled to the Scarlet Enclave. At that point, only four men remained in his cavalry regiment and they all defected to the Argent Crusade after its formation and the massacre that took place at the Scarlet Enclave. The four left were Ryordan Landis, Garret Vette, Sir Erren Clarke, and Abbot Darcy Digby.

The Argent CrusadeEdit

Alekander and his four friends participated in some of the heaviest fighting in the Icecrown. When Abbot Darcy Digby lost, Alekander started to become disenfranchised with the Argent Crusade. He later met the love of his life, Megan Cohens, at the Argent Tourny grounds. He intended to marry her and make the Countess of Ravenwood, but the two had different paths to walk before they could reach that point.

Brotherhood of the Flame and DeathEdit

After the Argent Crusade took Hearthglen and killed the Remnants of the Scarlet Crusade, Alekander, Ryordan, Garret, and Erren left the Argent Crusade. Garret left to Westfall to start a family and own a farm, while Erren went north to search for Throstan. Alekander and Ryordan both heard the call of Viscountess Madelynne Albrecht and joined the Brotherhood of the Flame.

Alekander served the Brotherhood for a short period. He always made himself to be available to the Countess and admired her champion, Eshkander, the Mountain that Shines. He was there for the Baulvet Crisis and went north with the Brotherhood to free the Viscountess' land.

Erren Clarke and Garret Vette met up with the Brotherhood and they all participated in the fighting. The three men perished on the line of duty.



Alekander Andro in Undeath

Unfortunately for Ryordan, Garret Erren and Alekander, however, their bodies were not burned. The three men were raised to become conscripts for the Forsaken army. For three months, they served the Forsaken unwaveringly, murdering and butchering and pillaging everything in their path. After three months, they began to start realizing who they once were and what they once fought for -- a dream of Lordaeron. On a patrol of the Plaguelands, the four Undead slaughtered their fellow Deathguard and fled to Caer Darrow.

The four realized that Madelynne was still alive and thus the hope of a Lordaeron freed from the evils of the Forsaken was just as alive. They began to sabatoge the Forsaken from within, gaining support from runaway Risen left over from the Argent Crusade's battle against them at Tyr's Hand. With a platoon of Risen Scarlet Crusaders, Alekander proclaimed himself a Crusader-Lord and his followers became the Remnants. They began to ambush Argent Crusade patrols and caravans across the Plaguelands disguised as Deathguard. The reverse happened as well -- they dressed as Argent Crusaders, attacking Forsaken patrols and caravans across Forsaken held lands in and around the Plaguelands.

Ultimately, their conspiracy was uncovered by Sir Auramis and the Argent Dawn Templars. They stormed Caer Darrow, the Remnants base of operations, but found that it was completely deserted. What was left of the Remnants fled to Gilneas where they watched and waited for the right time to strike.

They found their time when Alekander's younger brother, Throstan Andro, invaded Ravenwood in order to reclaim its land for the Light and the living. The Remnants marched to Ravenwood under the pretense that they were joining the Hand of Grief there, a Forsaken regiment that held Ravenwood as a prison camp. During a pivotal moment of the major battle -- the Battle of Aelrid's Stand -- the Remnants turned on the Forsaken, butchering the crossbowmen that had been raining hell upon Throstan's forces.

Ultimately, the Remnants were slaughtered to the man. After the battle, Throstan founded his brother hanging on to his unlife. The two brothers shared a final moment together, to which Alekander handed Throstan a letter addressed to his son, Aldwin Sparrow.


Alekander Andro is one of the greatest heroes of Ravenwood's history. He is largely treated a canonized saint amongst the population and there are several statues of Alekander around Ravenwood. The knights of Ravenwood and Order of the Golden Hawk look to Alekander that gallantry, loyalty, and bravery exist beyond one's death, thus many knights aspire to live up to Alekander's legacy.

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