Alec Stokeswood was the first son of Edric Stokeswood. Amongst the events of his lordship, there are the construction of Silverstone Keep and the creation of a regiment devoted to its protection.

Early lifeEdit

Alec grew during his father rise to power. As a child, he was very fond of Everbright and its beauties.

When the boy turned old enough to hold a sword, his lord-father taught him in the ways of combat, for they did not have a master-of-arms yet. He was also groomed to become the leader of his House, and thus, Alec learned much about strategy, stewardship, economy and politics.

In this sense, he was perceived as a person with a good mind for warfare and maintenance of a kingdom, leading many to believe he would bring greater glories to Everbright.

The construction of SilverstoneEdit

Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was the construction of  the great castle known as Silverstone Keep.

The stronghold was a dream of his father, who understood that sooner or later the people of Everbright would be threatened by foreign armies. Whereas his lord-father lacked the resources to do so, Alec had plenty of them. In the twilight years of Edric, two iron mines were discovered.

The production of these mines allowed the construction of Silverstone Keep, who would stand guard over Irontown, the most important city of Everbright.

With Silverstone completed, Alec became the first Lord of Silverstone.

Silverstone RegimentEdit

Another measure undertaken by Alec was the creation of an elite guard, whose objective was to protect at all costs the lands that comprised the territory of Silverstone. 

The training was rigorous, and many gave up during the process. However, after two years of the decree, the first generation of soldiers bound by oath and tested by fire and blood arose: the Silverstone Regiment begun their activities, answering to Alec Stokeswood alone.


Historians believe it was during Alec's rule that House Stokeswood's sigil was created, along with its motto "Look No Further".

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