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Viscounty of Ravenwood
Kingdom of Lordaeron Restored



Immediate Relatives

Alekander Andro (deceased)[Father]
Emilene Freville(deceased)[Mother]

Aldwin Sparrow is the bastard son of Alekander Andro and Emilene Freville. He is an sergeant of the Royal Army and swordsman of Ravenwood raised by Lord Dervon Currington

Aldwin is known by the smallfolk of Ravenwood through his actions both during the Reclamation and post-reclamation. He has long patrolled the barony of Blackvale with a group of soldiers, solving disputes and ridding the barony of bandits, hostile wildlife, and any other threats known to the barony. He has participated in several of the defenses against the Hand of Grief's siege on Woodsdale, fighting alongside the Order of the Golden Hawk and Solarus Elves.

Physical DescriptionEdit

At the age of twenty, Aldwin is just starting to be in his prime. He stands 6' 1" off of the ground and weighs in at 230 pounds. He has spent much time in physical fitness, believing that his mother's genes have cursed him with a weight problem if he grows too idle.

Aldwin sports strong Lordaeronian features, but favors his mother in many ways, sporting her high cheekbones, brown hair, and overall thick frame. He has a strong jaw, which was inherited by his father. He keeps his light brown hair trimmed and his face clean shaven, likely due to his younger age and his lack of proper facial hair. 


Aldwin is full of youthful piss and vinegar. He has a pleasant, but stubborn demeanor, typically setting his mind to something and never resting until he achieves what he sets out to do. Being raised on the stories of gallant and brave knights of yore and the stories of his father, he set out to become a knight in his own right, adhering to the tenets of chivalry and is typically morally idealistic.

Weapons and ArmorEdit


Aldwin Sparrow, still as a bastard and a commoner, wearing armor specifically forged for him and wielding Talon, the Andro family sword.


Talon is a longsword that has been in the Andro's line for generations. Made from an alloy of iron, carbon, and arcanite, it has kept its shape and edge even though it is many generations old. It had long sat in Ravenwood Keep since the death of Viscount Throstan, but was given to Aldwin by Aldaim Ward.

Arming Sword and DaggerEdit

Aldwin rarely uses a one handed sword, but owns an arming sword for horseback combat and when having the need to equip a shield. He also always has a dagger on him, which is a simple quillon.


Aldwin currently wears a set of white plate over mail. The plate itself is light and can protect him for a few blows. His helmet has wings outstretched from the side.


Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Aldwin was born to Alekander Andro, then a knight-champion and heir apparant to the House of Andro and Emilene Freville, a lowborn handmaiden to Lady Andro. Initially seeking out advice from his friend, Xandryn Landis, Alekander confronted his father about his newly pregnant mistress. A heated discussion broke out, with Lord Andro suggesting that he be pawned off as Throstan's bastard son and sent to Blackvale in order to be raised as a ward of Dervon Currington. Alekander initially opposed this, but ended up agreeing after Xandryn counciled him on the subject.

The mother gave birth before being shipped off to Blackvale. Alekander named him Aldwin and said his good-byes to both his mistress and child. They arrived in Blackvale, where he was raised from infancy to a child under the impression that Throstan, who was travelling the world, was his father and Alekander his uncle. Alekander and Xandryn frequently visited the child to see if he was being educated as best as possible. Dervon and Alekander discussed taking Aldwin on as a page under Alekander's tutelage, but it was decided that he would squire for Sir Daniel Donnockton, the Marshal of Blackvale, when he came of age.

Aldwin befriended Dervon's nephew, Richard Currington. Together they had typical childhood adventures together. When Alekander turned six, another Andro bastard was brought to Blackvale, only this time it was truly Throstan's bastard son. His name was Bathor Sparrow and it became Aldwin's duty to protect him as they grew. Throstan visited from time to time, but never more than a few minutes.

Third WarEdit

Aldwin was ten years old during the onset of the Third War. After Sir Uther the Lightbringer fell to Arthas' blade and the Scourge began to run rampant across the kingdom, the order to evacuate Ravenwood was given. The First Ravenwood Cavalry organized the evacuation on both land and sea, sending the refugees to Havenport, Stromgarde. It was there that he continued his education under Lord Havenport, and made another childhood friend: Harkeon Havenport.

At the age of fourteen, he became the squire to Sir Daniel Donnockton. Daniel was a good swordsman, especially deadly in one-on-one combat. He began to teach the young Aldwin about his life as a knight and the art of fencing with the longsword. Aldwin rode into combat his first time during the Atkinson Rebellion, when he personally fought and killed Roy Atkinson in single combat. He continued to serve Daniel as his squire after the battle.

Alekander continued to visit Aldwin when he could, but the visits became more and more rare as the First Ravenwood Cavalry and the House of Ceyne were sent on more and more dangerous missions for the Scarlet Crusade. Aldwin began to have doubts that Throstan was alive, as he had not seen him in many years.

After Alekander died on the field in the name of Madelynne, Aldwin grieved heavily. He made it his mission to become as good of a man that his 'uncle' was, and typically despised his 'father' for not being the father that Aldwin wished so hard for. 

Ravenwood ReclamationEdit

Aldwin led a small group of mounted scouts that rode ahead of the main host when it was marching to the fields of Aelrid's stand. It was they who first saw that the Forsaken were openly waiting for them, and it was he who reported to Sir Aelrid, the Marshal of Ravenwood and Gryphon of Lordaeron, the size and specific units of the Hand of Grief. He took the side of his mentor, Sir Daniel, and fought alongside the men and women of Blackvale rather than his 'father'. 

He was told that his 'uncle', Alekander, and many of the former members of the First Ravenwood Cavalry were raised after they died in service to Madelynne. Fortunately, he was shown that Alekander and his 'Remnants' continued their service to the crown in the undeath, dealing a decisive blow against the Hand of Grief's forces during the battle. 

After the campaign, Aldwin continued to serve Blackvale by leading a cavalry contingent that patrolled between the castle and the villages of Padstow and Brentwood alongside his childhood friend, Richard, who had recently been knighted. He also served by taking shifts at the two watch towers that guarded smaller passes. He has served as Dervon's messenger from time to time. Otherwise, he occupies his time by pursuing more learned skills, such as reading, writing, and mathematics.

Eventually, Xandryn Landis was assigned to protect Aldwin and Bathor, as they were the last of the lineage of the Andros, despite the fact that they were bastards.

Current EventsEdit

Age TwentyEdit

A few days after turning the age of twenty, Aldwin was told by Xandryn, Daniel, and Dervon that he was not in fact the fruit of Throstan's loins. He was given a letter that was penned by Alekander, along with Alekander's armor and Scarlet Crusade surcoat. Aldwin rejected it, stating that he would doan the armor once he became a full knight and become legitimized as an Andro. He made his way to Ravenwood keep with Dervon Currington to treat with Lord Aldaim Ward to see if he could get the longsword Talon, believing it his birthright.

Riftvale RebellionEdit

His first call to action outside of the Reclamation was the Riftvale Rebellion. Going to the Barony of Riftvale with his liege, Aldaim Ward, he sought to help put an end to the rumblings of the local populace and Lady Karenis. He also wanted to ensure that those who were brainwashed by the words of the Karenis surrendered and her supporters brought to justice. When they arrived in Riftvale, they took refuge at Sir Ulfred's manor, a knight who had long served the people of Riftvale. It was there he met Gerfried Clauser and Henry Chesterfield, two of which he considers to be friends.

They went to the nearby town after a patrol and helped the townspeople there. The people had been suffering from kidnappings as of late, thus it was up to the lower ranking members ofthe Royal Army, alongside with Sir Halleck and Mother Ermentrud, to investigate. They tracked the kidnapper to a cave, to which they found a deformed, carnivorous night stalker who was told several children. After Mother Ermentrud had fallen, Aldwin, Henry, Sir Halleck, and Gerfried all attacked the night stalker, putting an end to it once and for all.

Aldwin served at the Battle of Stonewell Crossing. Aldwin took to the left flank of Lord Aldaim's forces, holding against the rebels crossing through the river rather than on the bridge. However, much of the fighting was on the bridge, where Sir Emeric of Highpass scored several major blows against the enemy and held strong until overwhelmed. Aldwin lost approximately three men during the battle.

He served against at the Battle of Toulouse, where he served on Aldaim's left flank again. This time, Aldwin cut a bloody swathe through the enemies to attempt to get behind them. By the time he was able to get behind the enemy's forces, they began to rout and retreat. Dame Scully Rott and the rest of the right flank served with distinction during the battle.

He later aided the Archmage Edgar in bringing his apprentice to justice. Aldwin landed the killing blow on a mighty golem, but it was Sergeant West who partook in most of the glory of the fight.

The last battle of the Rebellion, the Siege of Silverdale, was where Aldwin managed to gain some glory and prestige. During the latter stages of the battle inside Silverdale, Sir Jacob and Lord Aldaim charged Lady Karenis' devastating minutemen. Seeing the charge as reckless, Aldwin himself charged the lines to try and draw as much fire away from Lord Aldaim as possible. His entire unit was killed and Aldwin was mortally wounded. He survived with a great amount of luck and skill from healers and earned a promotion to sergeant and the Bronze Star of Bravery. 

Major CampaignsEdit

Pog for Roll20Edit


Aldwin's commoner pog.

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